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Well That’s an Odd-Looking San Francisco Taxi Cab: From Turkey (or Romania!) With Love, It’s Your “Transit Connect”

Friday, May 25th, 2012

Well I guess this weird taxicab is a Ford, sort of.

Anyway, it has lots of windows so you won’t feel too much like cargo on your way to SFO in the back of a cargo van:

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Learn all about the vagaries of international bidness, including the world-famous, anti-consumer 1963 Chicken Tax and how it affects us today, right here.

Conservatory of Flowers Garden Railway Fires Up Again Friday, November 19th – Celebrating 140 Years of Golden Gate Park

Monday, November 15th, 2010

Once again, it’s on, the annual Garden Railway exhibit at our Conservatory of Flowers is on.

Check it out from November 19th, 2010 through March 13th, 2011.

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And here’s a fresh shot from Nina Sazevich:

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See you there!


How Recycling Can Be Bad – Those New Ford Transit Connect Vans and the Chicken Tax

Friday, April 2nd, 2010

All right, work with me here. This is a very small (by ‘Merican standards) panel van called a Ford Transit Connect. (Yes that sounds like a MUNI-related initiative created by Alex Tourk, but it’s just the name that Ford chose.) Microvans like this one are all over town these days, as you might expect considering that they’re marketed to small bidnesses in urban areas.

The thing is that these work vans are made in Turkey, but Ford can’t just have them shipped over here as work vans because then it would have to pay a 25% tariff on each vehicle sold. Why? Cause of the 1963 Chicken Tax. So, Ford has unneeded windows, rear seats, and seatbelts installed over in Turkey and then pulls all that stuff out as soon as the vehicles get here. Shipping these things as “wagons” and then selling them as “commercial vehicles” reduces the tariff down to 2.5%.

See that panel with the logo for BioCair? That used to be a window:  

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This is all ably explained by Matthew Dolan here.

What happens to the stuff that buyers don’t want? All that gets shredded and “recycled,” which means some of it goes to a landfill.

Does this make sense? I don’t know.

The Golden Gate Express Garden Show Returns to Our Conservatory of Flowers

Tuesday, November 24th, 2009

It’s back. The Golden Gate Express garden railway show is back at the at the Conservatory of Flowers in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park. Deets below.

Can you see what was made from what?

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GG Express image copy

These are shots from Nina Sazevich




And these are from Saxon Holt:

P1020814 copy

P1020813 copy

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The Golden Gate Express
The Conservatory of Flowers’ popular garden railway exhibit steams back into
town for the holidays
SAN FRANCISCO — All aboard The Golden Gate Express for a San Francisco
holiday experience like no other! Golden Gate Park¹s Conservatory of Flowers
brings back its enormously popular garden railway exhibition this winter
with many new features and surprises created by local garden railroad
aficionados and artists from SF Recycling & Disposal, Inc.¹s Artist in
Residence program. It¹s a celebration of the city of San Francisco as a
model train, cable car, streetcar and more wend their way through a lush
landscape of dwarf plants and zip past mini versions of the city¹s landmark
buildings created entirely from recycled materials. New this year also are
some only-in-San Francisco special effects including the sounds of the city
and the twice-daily arrival of the fog. The Golden Gate Express will be on
view November 19, 2009 through April 18, 2010 and opens with a preview gala
November 18, 2009.

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