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Does Board of Supervisors President David Chiu Run Red Lights on Market Street? Yes – Here’s How He Does It

Friday, June 8th, 2012

This example here is from the place where McAllister meets Jones meets Market, in the corrupt Twitterloin / Tenderloin / Civic Center / Mid Market area.

President Chiu stopped his Public Bike┬ábecause he had a red light – this intersection now has a three-way light sequence, what with the recent changes for the 5 Fulton bus. (Note that this is the best place on the west coast to buy a stolen iPhone.)

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A quick look up Jones (which is hardly ever busy) and he’s off:

Next stop, City Hall:

This is the proper technique of running a red light on a bicycle in San Francisco.

Strava fans should note that bikes in the 415 are for getting around, not for racing.

And bikes are especially not for going at or near 35 MPH at Castro and Market…

San Francisco’s Wiggle Bike Route is Over Capacity, Right? – Here’s What It Looks Like to Take the “Northern Wiggle” to McAllister

Monday, February 27th, 2012

Instead of taking Oak to the Wiggle bike route when you hit the eastern part of the Panhandle, why not take the “Northern Wiggle” route to Mcallister the next time you need to get downtown?

So, from around Masonic and Fell, take the flattest route you can find to get to Fulton and Divisadero, then go one block uphill to McAllister, then ride all the way down to Market Street with a minimum of red lights and cops.


That’s how you do it…

Oh, and you know, those jaywalking pedestrians are a pain, right? Somebody ought to “outreach” them, “educate” them on how to walk, huh?