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My Submission for “Animals Riding Animals” – A Brewer’s Blackbird and a Red Tailed Hawk Mom Above Golden Gate Park

Friday, February 20th, 2015

Animals Riding Animals is hot in 2015 – it’s the latest thing.

I’m the King of the World! YOLO!

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Headless Gopher: It’s What’s for Dinner in Golden Gate Park

Thursday, February 9th, 2012

Poor little feller:

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Corvid vs. Raptor High Above the Now-Moribund Strybing Arboretum (San Francisco Botanical Garden) in Golden Gate Park

Wednesday, January 4th, 2012

This shot of a crow hassling a red tailed hawk was taken before the boycott of San Francisco Botanical Garden, before the arrival of the paywall manned by minimum-wage workers.

Circling too close to the crow’s nest, Children’s Garden, near MLK Drive:

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They said they’d kill the fee if it didn’t work out. It didn’t work out but I don’t think that they’ll ever kill the fee. Oh well.

On some days, the fees generated by the paywall don’t even cover the cost of paying the non-union workers minimum wage to collect the fees.

Of course our Rec and Park considers the paywall a “great success.” Oh well.

Letting Go in Miraloma Park: What Passes for a Backyard Bird in San Francisco (Hide Your Pets)

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011

Just look at this monster, this Raptor from Miraloma Park:

1/6400th of a one second of Life via torbakhopper – click to expand

Craiglist Founder Craig Newmark lives on this same hill but further down, so he gets smaller backyard birds

Red-Tailed Hawks Seem to Just Love Urbanized San Francisco

Friday, October 2nd, 2009

Red tailed hawks don’t mind people a bit, it seems. Check out this critter as s/he patrols the airspace above Market Street for vermin and varmints:

IMG_4765 copy_filtered (Medium)

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Just What is This Red-Tailed Hawk Eating at Ocean Beach?

Monday, August 10th, 2009

Hint: Whatever it is that this hawk is eating, it has a tail. See?

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IMG_8357 copy

Here it is, just seconds before:

IMG_8352 copy

That’s one less field mouse near Pacheco and the Great Highway.

The Youngest Raptor in the Panhandle Yearns for Craig Newmark’s Backyard

Wednesday, July 8th, 2009

This hungry juvenile hawk (red-tailed? red-shouldered? red-something anyway) perched on a Eucalyptus tree in the Golden Gate Park Panhandle has stopped screeching for its parents’ food and started hunting on its own.  

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IMG_9785 copy

If only it knew about Craig Newmark‘s nearby backyard, a veritable smorgasbord of delicious boids (a smorgasbird, if you will) that’s just up the hill. Here’s a recent menu du jour.

Happy hunting, little raptor.

The Pocket Gophers of San Francisco Lead Dangerous Lives

Friday, January 23rd, 2009

Pity the poor Botta’s pocket gophers of Golden Gate Park. You know who wants to eat them? Adult herons, baby herons, foxes, coyotes, tiny terriers, feral and house cats [added per request of commenter “Dude”], and of course hawks (but feel free to call them “falcons,” as “born and raised” San Franciscans are sometimes wont to do).

And speaking of native sons, Carl Nolte recently did a bit about the Circle of Life, incuding hawks and gophers, of the City. Of course some people, like gardeners and soccer players, just can’t stand these little rodents. Oh well.

A red tailed hawk takes an unlucky gopher back to the nest in Golden Gate Park. Click to expand.

Poor little feller.

Crows and Ravens vs. Hawks Above Golden Gate Park – The Eternal Struggle.

Thursday, May 1st, 2008

This poor red-tailed hawk was minding its own business in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park just before an aerial assault from a couple of American crows.

Of course, part of the business of hawks is raiding the nests of crows and ravens, so this kind of harassment is understandable.

As always, click to enlarge:


Canon 400mm f/4.0 DO IS Diffractive Optics lens at f/8.0. (Too expensive, overrated, has weird bokeh at times, needs to be stopped down, lacks a focus preset ring, but aside from that a decent lens I s’pose. I got a good deal on a used copy then I later sold it for the same price, so I guess that’s Even Steven. Canon’s 300mm 2.8 IS design from the 1990’s remains superior. Canon would have been a lot better off investing resources devoted to the Diffractive Optics program on something else, it would seem…)