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1865 Post in J-Town: From Yelp-Fraudulent “Kabuki Kitchen” to “Sundance Kitchen” to Nothing in a Few Short Years

Tuesday, April 26th, 2011

First, it was all like this, the Kabuki Kitchen at 1865 Post near Fillmore, where a little five-star Yelp Fraud didn’t have the intended effect:

So then it was all like this, with a new name and menu for Bob Redford’s joint right next to the Sundance Kabuki movie theatre:

But now it’s all like this, all closed up:

Oh well.

Hey, maybe if Japantown hadn’t chased away so many tenants all these years there’d be a critical mass of foot traffic?

Maybe. Storefronts on Post what were empty in 2005 are still empty in 2011.

The whole place looks like a ghost town (a cold, 1960’s-style 100% cement ghost town) at night, pretty much. (Concrete and clay and general decay…)

Oh well.

San Francisco’s Kabuki Kitchen Restaurant is Now “Sundance Kitchen”

Monday, March 30th, 2009

It’s a little hazy when this occurred (you know, Japantown is famous for its name changing restaurants), but Kabuki Kitchen at 1865 Post Street has been replaced by Sundance Kitchen. Normally, you could look to the dates of Yelp reviews to help you figure out when a joint’s name has changed, but there are mixed up entries for both Kabuki Kitchen and Sundance Kitchen. Oh well.

Anyway, this place has a new menu and new hours – it’s closed Monday Tuesday and open just 24 hours a week during dindin time (assuming they don’t close early on slow nights, as KK used to do on a regular basis last year).

Click to expand.

And here’s the new menu – it’s just legible enough for you to read, if you want to:

Yelp Fraud Involving Robert Redford’s Restaurant in San Francisco?

Wednesday, March 12th, 2008

Here it is, the Kabuki Kitchen, owned by Sundance Studios, at 1865 Post Street in Japantown.

On this night at around 8:00-something PM, it appeared to have just one customer.


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The term “Yelp Fraud” applies to reviews that are deceptive, such as those from a business owner posing as a customer to praise his own products. Do you see any of that possibly going on here?

One recent posting with a five-star rating:

Best of the best! The new Executive Chef Mark Lackie has completely revamped the menu.”

Look a little suspicious to you? Notice any others? Exclamation points are a clue.

As for the restaurant itself, it appears to close early on a regular basis for want of customers.

For what it’s worth, three cheers for SunDance founder Robert Redford and SunDance itself for putting a boatload of money into the Kabuki theatre complex. It must be tough getting a new restaurant off the ground, especially without having a liquor license from the get go. Kabuki Kitchen certainly looks nice, as this photo from Eater SF shows, but $13 burgers might seem too costly for some.

Keep on trying Bob/SunDance! We’re rooting for you.