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He’s Ba-aaack: Infamous Pacific Heights Foreclosee John Lee Hudson – BONUS: Cheesy ACQUIRE Replicar

Monday, June 25th, 2012

Or maybe John Lee Hudson isn’t back but his car sure is, having been spotted in the Financh on Friday.

(Parked illegally, of course, with the four-way flashers flashing.)

As seen on Halleck Alley in the heart of the 94111 – note ogler taking a snap while gushing about this 100% fake 1928 Mercedes Benz SSK replicar:

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Now, if I had gotten taken down by Jim Cox over at the Socketsite in this fashion, well, I’d have left town vowing to never come back.

But some people are shameless.

Even more shameless than Hollywood Foreclosure King Nicolas Cage, who used to own 1945 Franklin* before JLH et ux. 

Anywho, this ride is not a “Refurbished 1936 Mercedes Excalibur,” just saying.

*I think he was the one who added the garages to the front – at least that’s what the nanny told me back in the day.

The DMV-like AT&T Cell Phone Flagship Store at Third and Market Has Been Refurbished? Well, Good

Wednesday, August 3rd, 2011

I’ll tell you, I poked my head into the doors of the AT&T at 701 Market Street once and, thereafter, considered the joint the private-sector version of a DMV. You know, owing to the take-a-number-and-have-a-seat-next-to-the-security-guard-and-irate-customer system they had.

Anyway, forget all that. They’re having some ceremony over there today to celebrate a recent refurbishment. (Does this bode well for the T-Mobile store across the street? No, it does not. After the impending merger,* we’ll lose the T-Mobile store, you’d think.)

The pre-refurbished AT&T store what’s in the news today: 

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I’ll check that place out again, sometime, to see the changes, but if I need another cellie I’ll head back to the Costco at 11th and Harrison:

That’s a no-brainer right there.

*BTW, the new AT&T/T-Mobile entity will honor existing T-Mobile contracts, so that’s nice.