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The Melted Aftermath of a San Francisco Porta Potti Arson Attack, 2008-2009

Monday, February 9th, 2009

You’ve already seen the sad aftermath of a San Francisco Porta Potti arson on the streets of San Francisco but now, here’s a photo of the melted aftermath before cleanup.

Porta Potti Arsonist, do you have a Message? What is your beef? How would you like to change Society? Could you please forward your manifesto? Do tell!

An early victim from 2008 on Powell. Click to expand:

via Seven Morris

The Sad Aftermath of a San Francisco Porta Potti Arson Attack, 2008-2009

Tuesday, February 3rd, 2009

Look below for the telltale sign of yet another Porta Potti arson – bright green or blue or aqua synthetic resin embedded into the sidewalk, evidencing the molten flow downhill. Was this portable toilet parked right next to a tree? Thanks for asking, yes it was. Isn’t that against the rules? Yes again. (Oh well.)

But why was this toilet chosen to be the 21st to go up in flames? Take a look at the crime scene below for a clue.

Can concrete cement handle the heat of melting, petroleum-based plastic? Clearly no. This gouged part of the sidewalk will need to be replaced at some point:

The charred tree is the one on the right. Click to expand to see why the arsonist might have picked this particular spot.







Look at the glass-encased eternal flame on the upper left. Firebugs are attracted to fire, right? Something to think about…

Stay safe.