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ULTIMATE PARKING MACHINE? – OMG, Viral Video: “Crazy Bay Area Driver Parking Her BMW #FAIL”

Friday, November 7th, 2014

Stanley Roberts feels that this one could still go viral – he thinks it’s Jimmy Kimmel-worthy.

I’m inclined to agree.

Wow, just wow.

What did she give him – $5, $20?

An now here’s the kicker. How to get out of the very same space?

Imagine this woman confronting the crazy-striped JFK Drive in Golden Gate Park – what would happen?

Thanks Wayne R – keep ’em coming!

Is the California State Lottery Mocking Poor MUNI Bus Riders in This Ad? “Believe in Something Bigger – PowerBall”

Tuesday, September 10th, 2013

As always, You Make The Call, Gentle Reader:

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So obvs, the people pointed at haven’t yet won the lottery yet, right?

Of course after you win the lottery, you should get a high-performance, low-quality ride like, IDK, an Audi A8, which just might catch fire on you, but at least you won’t be another loser riding on a the MUNI.

What if God were one of us

Just a stranger on the bus?

Groove on Trippy Presidio Terrace, As Seen by Google Maps

Friday, July 19th, 2013

Google is now careful about revealing too much about tony Presidio Terrace, as it’s a private street.

Google didn’t know that back in 2007.

Check here and here.

Good times:

It might look like a public street but it’s not, so the people that live on this small loop just north of Clement are free to hire a guard to keep out whomever they want. And not too long ago, the houses here all had restrictive covenants that prevented people of the “non Caucasian race” from buying or leasing on this street. An ad from the latter part of 1906:There is only one spot in San Francisco where only Caucasians are permitted to buy or lease real estate or where they may reside. That place is Presidio Terrace.”

But now Google does know, so no Street Maps for you – it’s terra incogniter. See?

It looks like Instagram or something.

Anyway, the data from the Google Maps Car visit of 2006 is gone.

Long gone.

And the residents like things that way, I suppose.

Ah, the Simple Pleasures of Being Poor Enough to Live in the Projects But Rich Enough to Afford a Nissan 350Z Sports Car

Friday, May 24th, 2013

Now myself, I’m too rich to live in the PJs but too poor to be able to afford a nice toy like a newish Z-Car.

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Oh, and look, free parking!

Remember, Transit First.

Don’t Ever Change, Western Addition: “THAT’S COKE, THE STREET ALBUM” From Fatty Atty Records

Friday, March 22nd, 2013

Actually, this van was parked on Divisadero at a place the real estate ladies now call NoPA, so  I guess you are changing, Western A.

But anyway…

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San Francisco’s Big Rich: “Block Tested, Hood Approved” – A Van Seen in the Western Addition

Friday, August 31st, 2012

Seen in the 415:


San Francisco’s SFPark is Nothing But a Big FU to the 99% – Here’s Why Rich People Love the SFMTA’s New Program

Wednesday, February 15th, 2012

Do you know how long you can park at these new SFPark meters? Like four hours, baby. Just pop in your credit card.

Do you know who appreciates that? Rich people, the demographically-desirable who drive BMW’s and Mercedes Benzeseses.

Here’s five in a row. Thanks SFPARK!

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Here’s an exercise. Just as you can add “in bed” to your fortune cookie message, you can append the phrase “FOR RICH PEOPLE WITH MERCEDES AND BMW CARS” to any statement from the horrible SFPark people from the horrible SFMTA. Like this:

“SFMTA established SFpark to use new technologies and policies to improve parking in San Francisco FOR RICH PEOPLE WITH MERCEDES AND BMW CARS. Reducing traffic by helping RICH PEOPLE WITH MERCEDES AND BMW CARS find parking benefits RICH PEOPLE WITH MERCEDES AND BMW CARS. More parking availability makes streets less congested FOR RICH PEOPLE WITH MERCEDES AND BMW CARS. Meters that accept credit and debit cards FROM RICH PEOPLE WITH MERCEDES AND BMW CARS reduce frustration and parking citations FOR RICH PEOPLE WITH MERCEDES AND BMW CARS. With SFpark, RICH PEOPLE WITH MERCEDES AND BMW CARS can all circle less and live more.

SFpark works by collecting and distributing real-time information about where parking is available so RICH PEOPLE WITH MERCEDES AND BMW CARS can quickly find open spaces.

To help achieve the right level of parking availability FOR RICH PEOPLE WITH MERCEDES AND BMW CARS, SFpark periodically adjusts meter and garage pricing up and down to match demand FROM RICH PEOPLE WITH MERCEDES AND BMW CARS. Demand-responsive pricing encourages drivers to park in underused areas and garages, reducing demand (FROM POOR PEOPLE, THE 99%, THOSE FUCKERS) in overused (OVERUSED BY WHOM? BY POOR PEOPLE, THE 99%, THOSE FUCKERS) areas.

Through SFpark, real-time data and demand-responsive pricing work together to readjust parking patterns in the City so that parking is easier to find FOR RICH PEOPLE WITH MERCEDES AND BMW CARS”

On It Goes…

SFPark: “Let us “manage” your parking the same way we manage MUNI!”

SFPark: “Parking meters everywhere (eventually, including the entire Sunset District!) and for all (except for the specific whites of Pacific Heights). Hurray!”

Zillow Claims to Know the Best Places to Trick-or-Treat for Halloween 2010 – Try These Nabes on the Way to Sea Cliff

Tuesday, October 19th, 2010

Our Zillow Blog is out with its San Francisco Trick-or-Treat Housing Index this AM – turns out that 2009 runner-up Noe Valley gets the crown for 2010. Get all the deets below.

(Zillow factors in crime data as well, but I’m always out there double-strapped betwixt Devil’s Night and All Saints Day so I don’t care much about that.)

The costume for 2010 is, once again, Catbus and Totoro.

(Or anything to do with the SF Giants – we’ll be celebrating that night if they win the World Series in four games…)

As promised, the deets:

“This year, the City’s youngest residents can rejoice, because not only is San Francisco ranked the second-best city in the country for trick-or-treating, but we’ve also got the scoop on the neighborhood level too. For the second year in a row, we put our data statisticians to work calculating Zillow’s San Francisco Trick-or-Treat Housing Index — a scientific crack at ranking neighborhoods for the best candy booty.

Top 5 San Francisco Neighborhoods to Trick-or-Treat in 2010

1. Noe Valley (#2 in 2009)
Marina (#19 in 2009)
Haight-Ashbury (#4 in 2009)
Inner Richmond (#3 in 2009)
Pacific Heights (#14 in 2009)

See you out there!

Local Goodby, Silverstein & Partners Wins Ad Agency of the Decade from AdWeek

Monday, December 14th, 2009

Well, our famous local ad agency, Goodby, Silverstein & Partners at 720 California in the Nob Hill / Chinatown area, has just earned the title of Ad Agency of the Decade from AdWeekMedia‘s Best of the 2000s.

(IMO, they had this award in the bag solely due to the tail end of the Budweiser Frog, Lizard and Ferret TV campaign stretching into The Aughts. Ah, memories.)


Congratulations to the hundreds of people at Goodby Silverstein!

Deets after the jump.


Big Rich is Back with His Sophomore Album: “Heart of the City”

Sunday, July 12th, 2009

As seen in the Western Additionblock-tested and hood-approved Fillmore Rich (aka Big Rich) is back with “Heart of the City.”

IMG_9109 copy

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All the deets:

Fresh back from E-40’s highly successful “Wake it Up Tour” Big Rich is set to release his sophomore album Heart of the City. After releasing the critically acclaimed album Block Tested Hood Approved on Street Cred/Koch Records in 2006 and the ground breaking SF Anthem in 2008 Big Rich is proving that he is here to stay. Though both of his previous releases reached nationwide attention with MTV & BET airplay Big Rich insists he is not satisfied. Still hungry for more Heart of the City is Big Rich’s best work to date. The official lead single “Ballin” produced by Auttomatik is currently in heavy rotation in the streets and catching a large amount of attention from radio stations throughout the entire west coast. Other tracks on the album like “Pushin,” were produced by D-Animals and “Fly Gangstas” by M.A., shows Big Rich’s growth as a nationwide artist, whose music has reached new heights. Along with his heavy bass street anthems “I’m Back,” “Wassup” featuring Glasses Malone & “Summertime” featuring Tha Jacka all produced by D-Animals, Big Rich continues to deliver his trademark sound.

After 2 plus, years since the release of Block Tested Hood Approved Big Rich remained relevant in the Bay Area Hip Hop scene with several street albums, countless guest appearances & staying in rotation on MTV. Never backing down from a challenge Big Rich is prepared to survive through our country’s and the music industry’s current recession by adapting and adjusting to the times. Heart of the City will be a fully independent album released his own label 3 Story Muzik/Street Cred Music Group. Guest Appearances include Glasses Malone, Tha Jacka, Dem Hoodstars, 3 Story Gang & more. Along with production by 3 Story’s own in-house producer D-Animals, Automattik and M.A, also contributed tracks to the album as well.

Poised and polished the 10 year veteran is BACK!!! BIG RICH SEASON HAS RETURNED.



1. Heart of the City (Produced by: D-Animals)
2. I’m Back Feat The Gift (Produced by: D-Animals)
3. You Know me Feat Netta B (Produced by: D-Animals)
4. Wassup Feat Glasses Malone (Produced by: D-Animals)
5. Fillmore Rich (Produced by Money Alwayz)
6. Ballin (Produced by Automattik)
7. Automattik Feat Allen Anthony (Produced by Automattik)
8. Fly Gangstas Feat Yung Lott (Produced by Money Alwayz)
9. Somethin Special Feat Samm (Produced by Money Alwayz)
10. Pushin Feat Icon (Produced by: D-Animals)
11. We Do It Feat The 3 Story Gang (Produced by: D-Animals)
12. That’s Swagga Daddy (Produced by: D-Animals)
13. Summertime Feat Tha Jacka (Produced by: D-Animals)
14. Money Dance (Produced by: D-Animals)
15. Fastlane Feat Dem Hoodstars (Produced by: D-Animals)
16. Another Day (Produced by S.O.D.A.)
17. People Hold On (Produced by Automattik)