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Photos – Mavericks Surf Ventures Claims Biggest Waves Ever Surfed In A Contest

Wednesday, February 17th, 2010

Our recent 2009-2010 Mavericks Surf Contest had the “Biggest Waves Ever Surfed In A Contest,” according to organizer Mavericks Surf Ventures. That’s what they’re claiming today, February 17th, 2010.

What do you think?

Click to expand:

Take a look for yourself.

“What the surfers are saying about it… 

“It was an honor just to be here today and paddle out with these other guys. I flew 36 hours to be here, and this has been a dream come true.” – Chris Bertish, 09/10 Champion
“The entire book of big wave surfing was re-written today.” – Greg Long
“These were definitely the biggest waves I have ever paddled into.” – Shane Desmond
“No excuses on a day like today, it was perfect. Whatever you wanted, you could take.” – Anthony Tashnick
“It was undoubtedly the largest surf any paddle-in contest has ever seen.” – Dave Wassel
“There is such a brotherhood in the lineup.  These people are my family.” – Carlos Burle
“Today took big-wave surfing to another notch.” – Gary Linden, Head Judge”

Of course the event was not without controversy. Perhaps MSV will address that at some point?

Regardless, It was an epic day.

The Reason Why Mavericks Surf Ventures is Dead Wrong about Injury-Causing Rogue Waves

Monday, February 15th, 2010

First of all, let’s acknowledge the fine performances of all the competitors at our recent Mavericks Surf Contest 2009-2010 and especially that of Chris Bertish. As it turned out, his victory was overshadowed somewhat by discussion of the giant “rogue” sneaker waves* that injured a dozen or so spectators.

Mad props:

Having said that, let’s take a look at higher-def footage of the problem, ably shot by KRON VJ (video jockey) Haaziq Madyun. And here’s the reverse angle. And ganderize your eyes on this bird’s-eye view of the scene. If this were the Olympics, this would be the Olympic Village:

via dwan.mac click to expand

O.K. then. Comes now MSV’s Matriarch and area Realtor Katherine Clark to say:

And let’s hear from MSV CEO and former lawyer Kier Beidling:

Bringing common sense is a must for anyone who shows up to watch from the beach.”

Fair enough, but isn’t this your temporary awards stand getting demolished by a tiny tsunami? Was “common sense” used to place it there?

And wasn’t this formerly-underwater piece of sound equipment placed exactly where you wanted it to be?

via dwan.mac

So please let’s go easy on any more nagging, patronizing Respect The Ocean talk coming from MSV, considering that MSV and its sponsors appeared to be just as unaware as some of the spectators.

In other words, if this unsecured P.A. loudspeaker ended up killing a fan, all the DANGER: HEAVY SURF signs in all Christendom wouldn’t save your hides from a dead-bang, seven-figure wrongful death lawsuit. (If you think you see a bunch of people people in the water around the speaker in the video, your guess is correct.)

So that is exactly “how on Earth we [MSV] could be responsible for people willfully going to the ocean.”

(Hello? Hello? Anybody home? Huh? Think, McFly!)

In other words, from the 2/16/10 Santa Cruz Sentinel:

“The Maverick’s contest organizers probably realize that, in retrospect, it was unwise to put scaffolding and platforms in an exposed area and then allow spectators too close to the high tide line and a seawall along the Pillar Point coastline.”

You see? That’s why the party line of having MSV reps repeatedly bleating about how spectators just need some common sense doesn’t wash.

Now do I think that this fellow (people never seem to let go of their cameras or their beer, huh?) and others who got banged up by the surf on their own will win any possible lawsuits their shysters file? No.

via dwan.mac

But do I suppose that things could be handled differently by Mavericks Surf Ventures the next go around?


(Contrary to what you might have heard, no post mortem meetings with county (or other) authoritahs are scheduled this week. But they’ll be coming soon.)

*Or surge or whatever. It’d be nice to have one descriptive term to cover all these different words…

Rogue Waves at 2010 Mavericks Surf Contest – Video Showing What Happened

Saturday, February 13th, 2010

[UPDATE: Even more better vids have turned up today, links right here. Still hunting for 1080p High Def…]

Here’s some video from creilly94010* showing a giant rogue wave that injured spectators at the 2009-2010 Mavericks Surf Contest in Princeton-by-the-Sea / Half Moon Bay today. The video only has two YouTube views now but nevertheless it, so far, does the best job of showing what went wrong.

From the bluff, with people on the rocky seawall getting inundated by the wave:

Those are temporary structures temporarily in the water.

Here’s view from the seawall during the 2005 Contest, looking up at the bluff – nice and dry that year. Click to expand:

UPDATE: Comes now KRON Channel 4 FTW. Their video shows the same wave as the one shown above crashing through the seawall like it was nothing. The beach here has more than its fair share of random boulders, hence the danger:

And here’s a first person report from reporter Beth Spotswood. And here’s a discussion of just what, in fact, constitutes a wave’s rogue-ness.

(Waves going rogue at Mavericks– there’ll be a Sarah Palin joke to make once everybody’s recovered 100%.) 

This kind of incident hasn’t happened at prior contests – it’ll be interesting to see what changes, if any, are made at future events…

* Of Burlingame, this is not San Francisco’s famous C. Reilly

Mavericks Surf Contest is a Go This Saturday, February 13th, 2010

Thursday, February 11th, 2010

It’s on! The world famous Mavericks Surf Contest is on.

After two long years of lulls, get ready for some lulz and excitement. The long wait, she is over:

From January 12, 2008: Darryl “Flea” Virostko was a tad aggressive in the first round. Not too long ago he went though rehab (“FleaHab” they calling the program) – look for him to do well. Click to expand:

Canon 1D Mark II, Canon EF 300mm 2.8 IS plus Canon 2x II extender at f8.0

*Assuming you have a reason to go. Assuming you are really, really up for it. Otherwise:


All the deets, and I mean all the deets, after the jump


Awesome Video Shows What It’s Like to Surf at Mavericks – It’s POV Cam!

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010

The people at the Mavericks Surf Contest are still mulling over when and if they’ll be able to put on a show this season, but no matter, check out this recent video of veteran Bart Willems taking on San Mateo County’s best surf on a 15-foot day.

Go ahead, watch it full-screen at 720p HD – why does your CPU have four cores if you’re not going to use them?

And do you like the wipeouts at Mavericks, like this one from a few years back?

Then check out this tale of woe from Joao De Macedo’s Thanksgiving Day, 2009.

Tink happy toughts, and the 2009-2010 season will go off without a hitch.

Mavericks Surfers Vote to Delay Contest Once Again, Despite Recent Big Waves

Monday, January 11th, 2010

The Bay Area’s  Mavericks Surf Contest 2009-2010 should be coming again soon, but the selected surfers just voted thumbs down to going out over the next few days.

Still, the surf looked pretty big yesterday. Confidence remains high that we’ll end up with a great day over the next couple of months.  

As it appeared yesterday, January 10, 2010:

Seth Migdail

Cross your toes when you hang ten and the contest will be here before you know…

OMG! The Mavericks Surf Contest 2009/2010 Window Opens This Sunday – It’s On!

Thursday, October 29th, 2009

[Update: The long wait ended today, February 11, 2010. The 2009-2010 Contest will be held on Saturday(!), February 13th.]

Boy, oh boy, there are a lot of changes to the Mavericks Surf Contest this go around.

The El Nino

The expanded Contest Window

The new if they say ‘go,’ we go” method of deciding when to hold La Competencia

Don’t miss the big wave action, baby!


Click to expand

All the deets, after the jump.

See you there in San Mateo County!


Mavericks Surf Contest Holds Closing Ceremony for Inchoate 2009 Season

Thursday, April 16th, 2009

Well, the 2009 season of the Mavericks Surf Contest didn’t come together as planned, but they had the closing ceremony anyway last night at the Oceano Hotel down in Half Moon Bay. 

All the competitors can do is plan for the next season, which will hopefully have a chance of getting started as early as November 1, 2009, if the stars align.

Last night they washed their CLIF bars down with Bullitt (nee Bourbon) County’s finest whiskey, from sponsor Jim Beam:

Click to expand

Soon enough, they’ll be back for one of the biggest surf competitions in the world.

Mavericks Holds Closing Ceremony for 2009 Season

The contest season for the 2009 Mavericks Surf Contest® Presented by Sony Ericsson came to an official close tonight, as several of the world’s best big wave surfers, as well as their friends, family, and members of the media joined to bid farewell to the 2009 season.  “Tonight was a special night for everyone who is associated with Mavericks,” said Mavericks CEO Keir J. Beadling.  “It gave us a chance to thank everyone who has worked to make this contest possible.  We would like to thank the surfers, who have been as as patient as they are courageous.  We are also grateful to our sponsors for all they have done to support this event.”  Sponsors of the 2009 contest were Sony Ericsson, Jim Beam® Bourbon, Moose Guen and Jane Sutherland of MVision, Barracuda Networks Inc., Sierra Nevada Brewing Co., FLO TV, FUEL TV, myspace action sports, Oceano Hotel and Spa, CLIF BAR & Co., the Bay Club, The Corporate Law Group, Rickshaw Bagworks, Vertical Response, Surfer Magazine, Sam’s Chowder House,, Airship Ventures, Capture Technologies, Doc’s ProPlugs, Jeff Clark Surfboards and Mavericks Surf Shop.

As the gatherers said goodbye to the 2009 contest season, they also cast a collective eye towards the future, in anticipation of the 2010 contest.  Their spirits were lifted by the news that the record-breaking $150,000 prize purse will again be available in 2010. “We would like to thank Moose Guen and Jane Sutherland of MVision, as well as Barracuda Networks for ensuring that these incredible athletes will once again be competing for a prize purse that pays tribute to their talent and bravery,” added Beadling.

Beadling also stated that one of the company’s main goals is to lengthen the 2010 contest window by opening the window on November 1st.  “We recognize the importance of having the contest window open at the start of November, and we are currently working very hard to make this happen.”  Commenting on the value of opening the contest window on the first of November, Contest Director Jeff Clark stated, “It’s nearly impossible to overstate the significance of opening the contest window on the 1st of November.  If we’d had the support to do so in previous years, we would almost certainly have been able to put on a contest every year.  If we are able to do so for the 2010 contest, we will be ready for whatever Mother Nature offers us.”

About Mavericks™
Coined as “the wave beyond,” the Mavericks™ brand inspires hardcore athletes to face the unpredictably raw power of Mother Nature, and stirs the souls of those who aspire to challenge their own limits. Mavericks remains true to its core: a cold, mysterious and foreboding place that demands respect from everyone who goes there and inspires them to attempt the extraordinary. For more information, including photos, surf conditions, a newly-launched Official Mavericks™ apparel line, and contest highlights, visit Mavericks online at