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When PG&E Comes to Tear Up Your Street, They Really Tear Up Your Street

Wednesday, November 18th, 2009

As here, on Grove betwixt Divisidero and Scott. 

Would you call this block a part of Alamo Square (after all, you can see the wide, wide steps of A.S. right there), or the Western Addition(literally, this block was added as part of the western addtion to San Francisco, which used to have its north-south border on Larkin in the Tenderloin) or the North of Panhandle (NOPA) District (the grass-fed burgers of NOPA restaurant are just a block away!), or something else? No matter.

The point is that this block is right near where conspiracy theorist Crazy Rob Anderson (go ahead, ask him about the truth behind the death of JFK) lives. Check it:

IMG_7029 copy

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(Man, I’ve seen people freak out over just one truck working a block. Can you imagine how the NIMBYs felt about this disruption to their day?)

I was going to try to get on my HAM radio to see if I could warn Rob about this overt operation, tell him about how undercover agents from the FBI, CIA, NSA, ETC could be laying in their own cables right along with friendly PGE.

But then I thought, well, that’s just what THEY would want me to do, probably triangulate on my broadcast equipment in a New York minute. Then they’d find my chemtrails videos and everything. So, I didn’t do nothing.

But remember, The Truth Is Out There. We’re through the looking glass, people!

Shyster’s Comment: Does Berkeley Require Registration and Licensing of Bicyclists? No

Thursday, August 27th, 2009

If you’d like, head on over to Robert “Don’t Call Him Crazy Rob” Anderson’s District 5 Diary, which has this bit about how Berkeley and other California cities “require registration and licensing of bicyclists.” The problem with that is that Berkeley licenses bicycles, not bicyclists. And the primary reason California carved out a special law for cities to implement has to do with the recovery of stolen bikes.

That’s something to ponder before people use Berkeley’s law to call for a “state campaign to require bicycles and bicyclists to be tested, registered, insured and licensed and pay appropriate fees for this regulatory service.”

Old bike messengers never die, they just age gracefully. Like this fellow with an old bike messenger license plate, as recently seen on Market Street. Keep on keeping on, man!

IMG_9963 copy

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Of course you can call for cyclists or pedestrians or any group of people you don’t like to be licensed and insured, blah blah blah. But let’s be more precise, why not?

[UPDATE: Uh oh, it seems Crazy Rob (check his very own website, that’s what people call him) has started using the majestic plural, the royal we. Never a good sign. But at least he shows he understands the error he made. Applied knowledge, baby – catch it! And now he is (or rather, they are, sorry Your Crazy Majesty) calling for licensing of bikes AND bike riders. And why not license pedestrians as well, while “we’re” at it? The World Wonders.]

[UPDATE II: Note Crazy Rob’s impatience upon realizing his pearls of wisdom wouldn’t get put up on this small corner of the Internet immediately. Sorry CR, but I don’t operate this site 24/7 – sometimes I’m off assisting “Wheezy” at the Help Center.]

District 5 Diary Update: Rob Anderson Writes To, Answers Himself?

Thursday, March 26th, 2009

Boy it sure looks like Wall Street Journal cover boy and San Francisco District 5 Diarist Rob Anderson has taken to answering comments that he himself writes. It’s either that or somebody’s putting him on, pulling his leg.

But first things first, RA complains other bloggers in the 415 ignore him “as much as possible,” which doesn’t make a whole bunch of sense. That’d be like saying lovely Vélib Bike-riding Dark Angel Jessica Alba…

Rob Anderson’s nightmare – shouldn’t she be in a car?  Click to expand:

 …ignores SFCitizen as much as possible, as if she makes calendar entries like “Ignore” to remind her to do so on a regular basis. It’s a piece of cake for her to ignore the masses, just as it’s not hard for the average bay area blogger to ignore District Five Diary. There’s no conscious effort to ignore D5D, one of the millions of web logs in the world, right? Moving on…

Bob’s latest missive concerns the following, ostensibly written to RA by “Anonymous”

Anonymous writes:
Just discovered your blog and I have to say it’s a breath of fresh air. I enjoy reading about SF and its various development projects, but feel blogs like sfist, curbed, sfcitizen don’t really present much of a balanced view. While I don’t agree with everything I’ve read here either, I’m glad there’s someone like you on the intertubes and I look forward to becoming a regular reader.

Got that? “Anonymous” just happens to cite two veritable online communities, two large, custom-built, paid-editor blogs that probably attract well over 10,000 people each every day (feel free to check out any website you want over at and conflates them with SFCitizen, a tiny bone stock WordPress effort that gets about 2000 unique visitors a day. Who else in the world would do that but Rob Anderson?

You see, this little blog looms large in Bob’s cerebral cortex due to it labeling (labeling, not libeling, oh no) him “Crazy” Rob Anderson and/or “Don’t call him crazy” Rob Anderson. Perhaps Bob would like to shoot the messenger, but that’s how he’s referred to by people around town and even on his own blog – “Crazy Rob Anderson.” (That’s what the quote marks are for.) Sorry. (Some people are irritated by RA’s Bike Plan victory in Superior Court so that’s what they call him.)

The other clue is that “Anonymous” feels that SFCitizen writes about “various development projects” like the Market/Octavia Plan or the UC extension. This blog never comments about those kinds of development projects – why would “Anonymous” think that? Why would “Anonymous” think that nonexistent presentations about development projects here aren’t presented in a balanced fashion? Mmmmm…

So, check out this bad-ass, slightly modified Wall Street Journal stipple drawing of RA and then read his response to “Anonymous” below.

Rob writes:
Welcome aboard, Anon. I bet you didn’t learn about this blog from other bloggers in the city, since they ignore me as much as possible. It’s good that you mention development, since I often write about subjects other than the bike fantasy. You’ll notice that I get a lot of comments from people on my bike posts but rarely get any on my posts about, say, the Market/Octavia Plan or UC’s ripoff of the old extension property, two big projects that will completely remake the heart of the city for the worse. Back when I was a young radical, we grappled with some serious issues, like the war in Vietnam and civil rights. Here in the political theme park I call Progressive Land the young rads mostly get excited about relatively trivial issues, like graffiti, bicycles and defending their right to misbehave in public during the Bay to Breakers race.

You see? RA was a “radical” in his younger days. But don’t quote him on that, ’cause if you quote something from his blog, like the fact that he’s a self-confessed JFK conspiracy “crank,” he gets cranky. Oh well.

So there you have it. Tempest, get in your teacup.

City Attorney Dennis Herrera Acts to Modify Bicycle Plan Injunction

Monday, December 1st, 2008

The latest chapter in the long story of San Francisco’s Bicycle Plan began today with this filing from the office of San Francsico City Attorney Dennis Herrera. (Earlier chapters of this tale dealt with local social gadlfly and self-confessed JFK conspiracy theory crank Robert “Crazy Rob” Anderson and his successful efforts to get the city to do an environmental impact study.)

It seems that certain areas just can’t wait for the bureaucratic gears to grind, so a judge is being asked to give the city and county permission to get started sooner rather than later.  

Dennis J. Herrera, San Francisco’s happy warrior:

What areas are those? Well, how about Market and Octavia for starters. But there are other problem areas as well. Try these on for size:

Polk Street between Beach and Market Streets, where 73 motor vehicle-bicycle collisions have been reported since 2003.

The length of Valencia Street, where the 65 motor vehicle-bicycle collisions reported since 2003 include a large proportion of “dooring” incidents.

The Third Street Corridor, where the 32 collisions involving cyclists and motorists reported since 2003 include one fatality of a bicyclist struck by a truck at Third and Marin Streets.

Folsom Street between 13th Street and the Embarcadero, where 52 bicycle-related injury accidents have been reported in the last five years.

Lower Market Street, from 8th Street to the Embarcadero.  Some 179 bicycle injury collisions have occurred along the entire length of Market Street, from Castro Street to the Embarcadero (including the Market and Octavia intersection) over the past five years.

What will Judge Peter J. Busch make of this? We’ll have an inkling by the end of the month.

Today’s filing certainly seems like a well-tailored request…

Horrible PRO-SF Organization Cosponsors District 5 Debate

Thursday, October 16th, 2008

This was the scene tonight at St. Mary’s Hospital in the Western NOPA – it was another District 5 debate featuring Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi and challengers Rob Anderson and Owen O’Donnell.

Click to expand:

Let’s hear what they have to say. You already know Ross, here is Owen and here is Rob, who runs the District 5 Diary website.

The mise-en-scene, about 40 people made it to the end:

This debate was emceed by Richard Magary and cosponsored by the following:

Buena Vista Neighborhood Association
Cole Valley Improvement Association
Haight-Ashbury Improvement Association
Inner Sunset Park Neighbors

May the best man win.

In other District 5 news, the Panhandle Bandshell is wowing them in Europe. Godspeed, little bandshell. Come back real soon, ya hear?

Why Some Cyclists Might Not Welcome Changes at Fell and Masonic

Monday, August 4th, 2008

It’s safe to assume that wheels are in motion for changes at the infamous Fell and Masonic intersection. Even District 5 Diary’s Rob Anderson (and hey Rob, nice pullback on your recent reckless and defamatory post this past week) doesn’t object.

But here’s the problem for some cyclists:

 “A traffic signal displaying a red, yellow or green bicycle will usher cyclists through the intersection.”

That means you’re going to have less time to get across deadly Masonic on your bike. Hopefully, these changes will add up to fewer injuries but if you cross on a red bicycle light, as you might be tempted to do, any collision that results will likely be blamed on you.


The changes will take some getting used to, anyway.

Have fun, stay safe!