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The Exact Wrong Way to Build a 15-Passenger Van – What GM Did Right and What Ford and Chrysler Did Wrong

Friday, June 27th, 2014

Here’s an old Chrysler van. Can you see the rear extension they simply tacked on to the end of the thing? See how they left the wheels in the same place as on the shorter 12-passenger version?

Bad form – a half-assed design on the cheap:

Check it:

The Ford design was to lengthen the body over the same frame as smaller vehicles. GM  increased the wheelbase. Safety experts feel the GM approach is the safer design.


Passenger vans (Econoline Wagons/Club Wagons) could seat between two and 12 passengers, depending on the number of seats installed; standard-length wagons typically held two bench seats behind the driver. In 1978, a 15-passenger “Super Wagon” was introduced on the same wheelbase as the standard-length van, using a body extension added to the rear of the vehicle.

At the very least, you should load up people from the front on these rigs.

At the very least…

What’s Wrong With This 15-Passenger Van? You’ll Found Out the Next Time You’re On Jury Duty, Maybe

Tuesday, February 15th, 2011

Well, actually, we don’t get too many 15-passenger van rollover cases litigated in San Francisco County and/or the Bay Area ’cause we don’t have that many 15-passenger vans. That’s not how we roll.

But church groups in the Midwest, they be driving these things all over and they get into lots of rollover accidents. So much so, that the govmint has issued safety guidelines and there are “15-passenger van lawyers” just to handle these kinds of cases.

Anyway, just look at this thing parked near Golden Gate Park. The maker wanted to add a row of seats in the back but did a half-assed job. Instead of making the wheelbase longer, the manufacturer simply tacked on a Sir Mix-a-Lot butt.


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There’s your problem right there.

I mean, there could be other issues too, but if you wanted to make a rollover machine, this is how you’d do it.

Just saying.

Stay safe…

The Tumbling Trucks of San Francisco’s 101 North

Saturday, October 25th, 2008

A Ford SUV and a Ford F-150 both managed to get sideways during an accident near Bernal Heights this afternoon. 

Back in the early 2000’s, the light truck rollover issue was big news. John Carman (yes, Carman) of the San Francisco Chronicle watched Rollover: The Hidden History of the SUV and concluded:

“The unsparing conclusion: SUVs aren’t safe…” 

This sort of simplistic, black and white, polarized mentality has led to such a thing as “SUV Rollover Attorneys.” Ah yes, attorneys – those people who brought us the Audi 5000 unintended acceleration imbroglio about two decades ago.  

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Of course in all probability the cause of this unfortunate, potentially fatal accident as well most transportation accidents is operator negligence. There can be other factors as well, of course, and they’re well worth exploring, but let’s not lose the forest for the trees.