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Jerry Brown Throws Down: Dinging Gavin Newsom Over “Fire in His Belly”

Friday, January 29th, 2010

Our feisty AG Jerry Brown has been dishing it out on KGO 810 AM lately – check for yourself at CapitolALERT for the latest

Here’s San Francsico Mayor Gavin Newsom on the Ron Owens show a few days back:

“Jerry Brown understands how to navigate, but I wonder if there’s fire in his belly. I don’t get a sense that there’s fire in his belly and we need someone with fire in his belly…”

And here’s Jerry’s response from yesterday:

He’s been giving a lot of advice to the president and now me, and I’m sure there’ll be others because when you don’t have a lot to do, you can start checking out what other people have been doing.”

(KGO appears to be a hotbed of belly-fire allegations. Here’s one from 2003 that didn’t pan out.)

Is Jerry anticipating a “$150 million assault” on his character from a famous Republican in the near future? Yes.

And does Jerry have a problem with you taking your car to Midas? No, owing to 22 of their California stores being under new management.

Listen to the all of the six, punchy minutes here.