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Know Your Adorable Orphaned Baby Sea Otters – Kit of the Monterey Bay Aquarium

Monday, February 22nd, 2010

The aging sea otters of Monterey Bay Aquarium, The Golden Girls –  Maggie, Toola, Rosa and Joy, will soon have three-month old Kit to play with.

Here’s Kit. She lost her mom a couple months back down in Morro Bay but now she’s hanging out with her new BFF Mae in Monterery.

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Here’s video of Kit’s first day on display.

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The Ferrari Store in Union Square Could Use a Little More Foot Traffic

Tuesday, March 24th, 2009

The Ferrari Store at 2 Stockton could do with a little more foot traffic these days, as predicted. Of course you can’t buy a real Ferrari there, but you CAN get a bunch of stuff you don’t need. Then you’ll end up looking like this guy. Why not?

Cue tumbleweeds. Click to expand:

Speaking of real Ferraris, check out the 2003 F1 replica racer in 2007 livery. Note the tiny 13″ wheels that are smaller than the ones on your sister’s Corolla. Note mobbed Apple Store just across the street at 1 Stockton. 

I’m not sure what the real color is on this Enzo key, so I can’t fix it. Could be a case of white balance gone wrong. Note ridiculousness of spending 200 clams for the key to a car you don’t own.

Ask them about their Segway

Good luck San Francisco Scuderia Ferrari.