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Our Seemingly-Always-Muddy Golden Gate Park Panhandle is Quite Muddy These Days, As Per Usual

Monday, December 27th, 2010

Did a Rec and Park cart get stuck in the middle of the Panhandle again? Sure looks that way from this photo, ’cause as we learned from My Cousin Vinny, tire tracks don’t lie.

Instead of working on aesthetics all the time,  why doesn’t the PRD work on tasks they’re supposed to work on, like drainage ‘n stuff?

Just asking, bro.

The Middle of the Golden Gate Panhandle is Turning Into a Bog, But Don’t Let That Stop Your Frisbee Football Game

Friday, October 8th, 2010

So, when you see all them “AREA CLOSED” signs,  just consider them to mean, “AREA RESERVED FOR PICKUP GAMES OF FRISBEE FOOTBALL ONLY.”

Click to expand:

But don’t park your rear-wheel-drive vehicle anywhere near the middle of the Panhandle, else the bog will eat it up. For instance, SFPD prowlers (aka radio cars, aka cruisers) patrolling the GGP get bogged down in La Brea North all the time. See?

I don’t think our Panhandle wants to be a dry, grassy meadow…