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Road Rage, Western Addition – RRAAARR! – Mopar Madness, Plum Crazy

Friday, August 8th, 2014

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That Law School Got a Hemi? The University of California Police Patrolling UC Hastings – Twitterloin Mopar Madness

Thursday, July 4th, 2013

The first I’ve seen of this:

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“Serving the Hastings Community” it says on the side.

So Hastings still has unarmed uniformed security guards? IDK. Back in the 1990’s there was some push for them to cowboy up with sidearms* but some people thought it a bad idea.

Anyway, presenting one of the few police vehicles in San Francisco not made by Ford…

*Or “assault weapons” in the lexicon of our day.

Mopar Madness: Sighting a Chrysler-Supplied Dodge Charger Police Car in SF – Hey SFPD, That Thing Got A Hemi?

Tuesday, April 9th, 2013

Remember back five years ago, when the SFPD pined for Chrysler products?

As seen in 2008

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Well, it’s happening, man. It’s finally happening.

Sighted yesterday in Randy Shaw’s corrupt Twitterloin / corrupt Microsoft Yammerloin, here’s my white whale, a Dodge Charger in SFPD livery

Is this a one-off, merely a test? Or is it the start of a flood of SFPD radio cars what aren’t Ford Crown Victorias?

I know not.

Anyway, this is a shock after seeing decades of Crown Vics prowling the 415.

Does anybody know?

OMG, It’s a New Media / Old Media Smackdown on the Twitter! It’s Your Friday Afternoon Bay Area Cage Match

Friday, July 15th, 2011

Does Twitter have etiquette? Apparently.

Order of Battle:!/justinberton!/harmancipants

It’s on!

The Official Business of the SFPD: Powered by a HEMI

Wednesday, November 12th, 2008

In these days hybrid buses, cars and everything else, it’s interesting to see the OFFICIAL BUSINESS of a City and County vehicle, such as this SFPD Dodge Charger R/T in a plain wrapper, being powered by such a non-hybriddy engine like a 5.7 litre V-8 HEMI. 

So, this explains the MY NEXT POLICE CAR IS GOING TO HAVE A HEMI bumper stickers seen around town. What’s left a mystery is why these engines are called Hemi’s anyway.

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“Hemi” stands for hemispherical combustion chamber, but the term as used these days is “little more than a copyrighted word that bears little meaning, descriptively, for the engines designated as such.” Or, in other words, “that thing got a Hemi? No, not really.”  

On the other hand, your 1975 Toyota Corolla just might have an actual hemi, if not the boss HEMI logo on the side. 

Choose wisely

Per the SFPD: “My Next Police Car is Going to Have a Hemi”

Monday, October 27th, 2008

This genuine San Francisco Police Department Ford Crown Victoria prowler sports a bumper sticker that states:


This is a reference to the hemispherical combustion chambers of the 5.7 litre engine of the Dodge Charger Police Interceptor. So, did the S.F.P.D. place an order for Daimler-Chrysler squad cars?

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Via Arlen’s photostream

Signs point to “yes.” So soon, the SFPD might start looking like the CHP.

Poor Ford!