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San Francisco Still Loves Texas Republican Ron Paul – Here’s Proof

Friday, January 2nd, 2009

Here’s the thing about Ronald Ernest “Ron” Paul – he used to have an army of crazed fans come to his support whenever his name was mentioned on the Internet. But that was when he was running for parsident last year. These days, you don’t hear much about him or his earnest fans.

But today, at Golden Gate Park, in the rain, there’s hope for the idea of Ron Paul becoming U.S. President in 2012! You see, the official Ron Paul ’08 San Francisco Campaign Bus has been remodeled for the road ahead. The “’08” graphics were changed to “’12” (sort of) with the careful removal of a little bit of red tape. (And less red tape is a good thing for RP fans, right?)

Doesn’t it look like a 12, even just a little? Click to expand:

Just think, Ron Paul will only be 77 years old when he defeats Barack Obama and gets sworn in round about 2013! (Maybe not but that “2” could be changed to a “6” real easy for the 2016 election.) 

Keep hope alive.

NB: Your right rear is a little low on air pressure, you might want to have someone look at that, Ron