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Illegal-Riding LimeBike Motorized Rental Scooter Bro Salmons His Way Up a Parade

Sunday, April 22nd, 2018

Not to pick on LIME, as this just as easily could have been a SPIN or BIRD bro:

7J7C3775 copy

Oh well.

Spawning Salmon: The Horrible Pedestrians of the Rather Narrow Golden Gate Panhandle Bike Path

Thursday, January 29th, 2015

(Well, sure it’s not an actual bike-only path, it’s a multipurpose trail, or something. But most call it the bike path cause bike riders are allowed on it, as opposed to the ped-only path near Oak on the other side of the Panhandle.)

I’m a polite ped so I generally stay off the paved part* of the Golden Gate Park Panhandle bike path near Fell. This was my view of an impolite ped as I trod on the grass for a few blocks:

P1180873 copy

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She spent most of her eastward journey smack dab in the middle of the westbound lane or smack dab in the middle of the trail on the dashed yellow line. This went on for minutes. Westbound cyclists didn’t know how to pass her, on the left or on the right. Occasionally she’d veer to the right side of the right lane, where she belonged, but that phase of her journey didn’t last too long.

So what was this, a cry for help? Yeah, sort of.

Who will hear her?

*Yeah, this bike path is wider (12 feet) than before (8 feet), but it’s still too narrow. 16 feet sounds right, considering. 

So Many Sidewalks, So Little Time To Go Salmoning Upon Sidewalks – Uh, Franklin Street Isn’t Good For Salmoning

Friday, May 31st, 2013

So yeah, I’ve been riding bikes on the Streets of San Francisco on an almost-daily basis since the 1980’s, right?

But this isn’t the way you do it:

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First of all, this gal came down Franklin Street against traffic from Golden Gate Ave to McAllister and that’s just wrong. ‘Cause cyclists have the right to use both the left and right sides of Franklin so it’s never a good thing to be going the wrong way in the street on that block.

And then she hopped onto the eastern sidewalk as she continued south past the Herbst. Illegal sidewalk pedalers need to realize that they’re second class citizens, right? Because she was going the wrong way and she got locked into this fenced-off sidewalk, there would be nowhere to go if a group of peds had been coming the other way.

So, if you are going to ride on sidewalks, this isn’t how you do it.

Just saying, Brocephus.

Sidewalk Salmoning: Cyclists are Enjoying the New Fell Street Bike Lane Already

Monday, April 22nd, 2013

Look at them all go:

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Remember, Cyclists Alway Have the Right Of Way.

Oh wait a second, I just made that up. It’s not correct. I’ll fix my error by telling you I was wrong.

What I meant to say was Pedestrians Always Have the Right Of Way.

Oh wait, that’s wrong as well.

The SFBC knows by now that their statement is wrong but they still have it up on their website?


What they should have done is had a lawyer do their bikelaw page.

Oh well.

When Oh When Will People Start Paying Attention to the “Sharrows” Painted on Our Streets?

Tuesday, February 26th, 2013

You see, “sharrows” are down there to tell cyclists that they’re “salmoning,” that they’re going the wrong way.


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When, oh when, will we learn?