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Kaiser Permanente is Just Begging to be Sued by the New York MTA

Thursday, September 10th, 2009


See those letters in solid-colored circles at the bottom of the Kaiser Permanente “thrive” bus stop ad near Geary and Gough? That just might earn Kaiser a cease and desist letter from Lester G. Freundlich, Senior Associate Counsel, Metropolitan Transportation Authority. Just check out beloved local website Muni Diaries here and here to learn of the metaphorical long-distance beat-down 40WithEgg recently received all the way from the Empire State.

The problem comes from using circled capital letters while referencing a transit theme.

Well let’s see dare ah, you’se got an “A,” in dare – what’s youse guys doin’ wit our freaking “A”? Click to expand:

IMG_0617 copy

Of course, you’d think that Kaiser would have looked at this issue already, but you never know.

These days, Joe Moore appears to be off of the thin ice for now, but who knows what the future will bring. Will he get sued by MUNI?

Possibly. Oh well.

Give those New Yawkers Hell, Joe. And Kaiser, you too.

Let’s close with a sample of a scary cease and desist letter. Cheers.

Dear Mr. Smith:

Your above store was selling through website a variety of T-shirts based upon Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s trademarks for various routes of the New York City subway system.

The symbols for the routes of the New York City subway system are MTA intellectual property which may not be used on products without a license from MTA. In the absence of a license for these products, you must immediately cease to sell the unlicensed products.

On the basis of the above, at MTA’s demand, has removed your shop from its site.

This is to demand that, if you are manufacturing or selling these products through any other channel, you must cease and desist immediately.

Please respond immediately in writing to me at the address indicated below or by email at the address indicated below, by completing the applicable statements on page 2 and returning this letter to me.

Thank you.


Lester G. Freundlich
Senior Associate Counsel
Metropolitan Transportation Authority


San Francisco NIMBYs Set Their Sites on Dolores Park

Monday, August 4th, 2008

(Or “set their sights,” it works either way.) Some feel there’s a big dilemma over San Francisco’s Dolores Park, but really now, you NIMBYs, what were you thinking when you moved in there?

Please consider the silent majority, 419 of whom whom give DP a five star rating. And don’t get the impression that only a park ranger can do something about crime. If you see a real crime going on, the SFPD is prepared to head on in there and deal with it – you don’t have to wait for a Ranger to show up.

If you want to be a help, try to deal with specific issues as opposed to sounding like you’re upset at people enjoying themselves.

Another dreaded sunny day at Parque de Dolores. The horror:


Click to enlarge and get a better view of all that crime going on.

The Perfect Tire Burnout on the Streets of San Francisco

Wednesday, July 30th, 2008

Don’t try this with just any car. But if you’ve got the skillz, you can do this all over the City’s avenues.

Is somebody getting ready to try out as a stunt driver for the New Streets of San Francisco? It sure looks that way. Click to expand:


But thank Gaia these tire marks aren’t colored red or blue.  Cause we likes our tire skid marks black, and black only, in San Francisco.

Stay safe.

The San Francisco Giants will get a Headstart on the Fourth of July Tonight.

Wednesday, July 2nd, 2008

The San Francisco Giants and the Chicago Cubs will end their evening with fireworks tonight, July 2, 2008, over at AT&T Park.  


Sweet photo from mtmont via Flickr 

Follow men’s eyes as they look to the skies in the SOMA area at around 10:00 PM, per Rincon Hill San Francisco