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A Few Pithy Comments About This SFMTA DPT PCO Meter Maid on a Bicycle in the Fiananch

Friday, January 14th, 2011

The whole ensemble kind of has a cop look, so that’s got to be good when dealing with all those ex-cons out there.

Probably good for the rain, but the blank tickets might get wet tho.

A Cannondale with a suspension fork and disc brakes? Probably be better off without those two features but oh well.

Town and County tires from Continental – I don’t know, they don’t make those like they used to, moved the factory to Indonesia or someplace. Suggest updating Schwalbe Marathon Plus 26. (As the Euros say, “17 000 KM MEME PAS MORT!”)

And Presta valves? Wow, probably causes  the PCOs to scratch their heads when they want to top off their tires. Or maybe they’re told not to touch anything on the bike. (Note gear selection – smallest cog up front to match the smallest cog out back. Nicht gut.)

Anyway, the whole point of using bikes is to sneak up on them trucks to start handing out the tickets more better. And in that sense, this is probably a successful program.

Rampant Baldism on the Streets of San Francisco: Meet the Schwalbe Kojak, a “Bald” Bike Tire from Indonesia

Friday, December 3rd, 2010

I don’t know, I hope the Schwalbe people aren’t paying too much (or at all) to license the name “Kojak” for this line of slick bicycle tires.


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Now, you’re too young to remember but back in the day, there was a meme thing where this Telly Savalis guy would lick a lollipop and say, “Who loves you, baby?”

Ah, memories. Well, for dissing the “City by the Bay” in that link back in the ’80’s, we’re getting a little payback.

Or maybe this line of tires is what they call an homage. Irregardless, I don’t think he’d mind.

Who loves you, Baby, indeed.

[UPDATE: And look who’s at the top of my Twitter this AM – it’s popular area senior PR ad exec Kevin Kopjak – maybe his name has a similar derivation…]