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Never Seen This: Aging Cadillac Sedan de Ville with a Dash-Mounted TV

Monday, November 6th, 2017

So you can watch Harry Potter on the interstate, I suppose:

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Here’s What Tonight’s World Series Viewing Party Will Look Like – But No Alcohol in Civic Center – Vote No on Prop B

Sunday, October 28th, 2012

You’re invited to come to Civic Center tonight to see Game Four of the World Series on a makeshift “Jumbotron.”

See you at 5:07 PM (or earlier, to get a good spot if you want to be able to actually see the action unobstructed.)

It’ll look like this, but probably with more Matt Cain than Timothy Leroy Lincecum on the screen:

Via RubyxCube – click to expand

The SFPD requests (more or less) that you transfer your alcohol to unmarked containers, thusly:

And, oh yes, speaking of the Rec and Park, Remember to Vote No on Proposition B (November 2012), the so-called “Clean and Safe Neighborhood Parks Bond”


Well, because Prop. B is too costly for San Francisco

And also because Reform is Needed at San Francisco’s Recreation and Parks Department.

Also because area lawyer Philip Alan Ginsburg would consider passage of Prop B (November 2012) an endorsement of how he’s running the RPD.

That’s why.

Now, let’s hear from San Francisco Mayor Ron Conway,* after the jump. (Spoiler: He wants you to go to Chipotle’s and spend your money before you blow town.)

PS: The after party will be in the Mission District – spread the word, bring fireworks.

*Poor Sony. It appears that any television-like contraption bigger than 100 inches now gets the generic term “jumbotron.”

Oh well.

Displays similar to the Jumbotron include:


San Francisco’s Mid-Market Renaissance Continues: Now You Can Buy Flat-Panel LED TV’s at 7th and Market

Monday, September 17th, 2012

You know, in addition to all the iPhones:

Seen walking away from the open-air stolen iPhone market on the north side of this very intersection: 

Click to expand

Next month, fences will have to start charging 10 cents for each booty bag. Cause it’ll be The Law. So that’ll be $20 for that TV plus 10 cents for the bag. And the remote? Well, you’ll have to look it up and buy one online…

Civic Center Enjoys a Huge Turnout for the Women’s World Cup Final – It’s Not Raining and There’s Room for One More

Sunday, July 17th, 2011


It’s not too late to get in on the fun:

Via Alex Randolph

OMG, See the Women’s World Cup Soccer Final Today at Civic Center for Free! Thanks German Consulate, Thanks Teamsters!

Sunday, July 17th, 2011

Well, it looks like we have the German Consulate and the Teamsters to thank for today’s showing of the final match of  World Cup 2011.

(Did Rec and Park make a special website to promote this event in Civic Center? Looks that way.)

All the deets of the U.S. vs. Japan:

The weather was looking like it was going to be a little kosame (Japanese for drizzle, something like “a little bit of rain”) today but Civic Center is generally sunny even when there’s drizzle in the West Bay, so it should all be good.

Hey, you know who has World Cup fever? SFGate, that’s who. SFGate just seems to loooooove frolicking female soccer players.


*Oh, I guess they added more shots in there on that bit. Before, it was like seven frolicsome honey photos with just one sports-type shot. But it looks like they were just getting started when I first noticed. Still, you don’t get too many frolic shots of men’s soccer on the SFGate…

Yahoo’s Bus Stop Derby – Are they Really Hanging Giant Flat Panel TV’s on the Sides of 20 MUNI Bus Stops?

Wednesday, November 24th, 2010

I don’t know, maybe you can leave old-school CRT-TV’s on the sidewalks of San Francisco and have them stick around, but I’m not sure if I’d leave a 72-inch touch-sensitive flat panel screens on the streets 24-7. I mean, I wouldn’t expect to get them all back intact.

But no matter, Yahoo! has its Bus Stop Derby game up and running.

See how it works right here.

And here’s a still photo from Steve Rhodes:

But what will happen when your neighborhood wins and the O.K. Go puts on a concert as your reward? Won’t your area NIMBY’s be all “nobody told us about this?”

Oh well.

Let’s let Yahoo! ‘splain what’s up with the BSD:

“The short answer is it’s a two-month citywide challenge that turns bus stops into social gaming hubs.

An even shorter answer is it’s something that makes waiting for the bus fun.

Most of us don’t really love our daily commute. And even though you soon recognize the same faces that get on the same bus at the same time every morning, it’s pretty rare that we talk to each other. We thought we could make public transport a little more fun.

So we put up 20 Bus Stop Derby bus stops with interactive 72-inch touch screens. We developed four addictive games that you can play right then and there while waiting for your bus—and since it’s even more fun to play together (and especially to beat someone), you can challenge players at other Derby stops to live head-to-head games. And you aren’t just playing for personal glory, you’re playing for your neighborhood.

The Bus Stop Derby pits 20 teams (20 San Francisco neighborhoods) against each other. So choose your neighborhood, rally your fellow commuters, and go break some high scores!  The grand prize is a concert with OK Go that takes place in the neighborhood that wins the Derby. Have fun, and may the best neighborhood win!”

“Riders waiting for Muni buses at select stops in downtown will be passing the time playing video games, as well as the opportunity to win a concert by OK Go. The devices are being installed by tech giant Yahoo!.” From the San Francisco Examiner, click here for the full story.

“Yahoo’s involvement was the most interesting to me….is clearly a sign the company is still actively pursuing new and exciting opportunities.”From DailyDOOH , Click here for the full story.

“Games are the most popular type of mobile app, and to promote its own mail and other apps, Yahoo is putting a twist on mobile games.” From ClickZ, click here for the full story.

“Resembling giant iPhones (but 20x the size), these 72″ touch screens have been installed at bus stops in 20 different neighborhoods so that bored commuters waiting [for] the bus can play games and earn points for their neighborhood.” From Muni Diaries, click here for the full story.

“20 Muni bus shelters in San Francisco are getting a high tech makeover for two months as part of a the Yahoo Bus Stop Derby – a giant neighborhood vs. neighborhood challenge that ends with a huge free concert put on by Yahoo.” From Fun Cheap San Francisco, click here for the full story.

“Transit ads drive commuters to get their game on the go, vie for an OK Go block party.” From Yahoo! Advertising Blog, click here for the full story.

San Francisco Giants Big Screen Broadcast a Huge Success – Thousands Crowd into Civic Center – But Beer Ban Enforced

Monday, November 1st, 2010

Well Giants fans have flocked to Civic Center this evening to watch Game 5 on the big screen.

San Francisco Police, Deputy Sheriffs, Park Rangers and the CHP were all on hand to make sure things didn’t get out of hand. They did this by making people pour out their beers.

“Tuck Fexas” and “Texas Sucks Cocks”  were typical sentiments, it appeared

Here was how things looked early on:

Via Holly509 – click to expand

And a little later, when they turned on the orange lights of City Hall:

Via RubyxCube

And here’s the scene later on when the Giants led 3-1:

Via Che

It’s On! Game 5 of World Series to be Shown Outdoors at Civic Center on the Big Screen – But, Hide Your Alcohol

Sunday, October 31st, 2010

[UPDATE: SF Mike is on the scene this afternoon – here’s what the set up looks like. Now, you’d think Rec and Park would have a bigger big screen or maybe two little screens side by side to make a rectangular big screen, but, you know, lowest bidder and whatnot:

Via SF Mike

And, oh yes, here’s your fresh new theme song for tonight.]

[UPDATE 2: And here’s what it looked like.]

You might need to get to Civic Center early in the afternoon of Monday, November 1st, 2010, if you want to get a good seat to see the Giants clinch World Series 2010 on a giant television screen.

But this event, like the annual Bay to Breakers civic event, will be “alcohol-free,” at least on paper. See?

“In keeping with the event focus on families, alcohol will not be sold or permitted on Civic Center Plaza during the broadcast. Mobile food vendors from Off The Grid will be onsite to provide sale of food and non-alcoholic beverages.  Those attending the broadcast are encouraged to come early to secure a spot on the lawn and take public transportation via MUNI or BART to Civic Center or Van Ness stations.”

Civic Center will have more fans wearing orange than when The Netherlands lost to Spain in the World Cup Final earlier this year:

Click to expand

The show starts at 4:30 PM with the first pitch coming from the left arm of Cliff Lee at 4:57 PM.

All the deets:

City to Host Public Viewing of Monday’s Potential Clinching World Series Game for Families, Giants Fans

San Francisco, CA–Mayor Gavin Newsom today announced that Monday’s Game Five of the World Series will be publicly broadcast live in Civic Center Plaza for families and fans to gather and cheer the Giants onto a potential World Championship.  Similar to the successful public broadcasts of the World Cup earlier this summer, a jumbotron screen will broadcast the potential clinching game of the World Series in front of San Francisco City Hall. The City previously received permission from Fox Sports Broadcasting to show the potential clinching away game.

“The Giants 3 – 1 lead in the World Series has electrified the City and brought us all together to celebrate our hometown team and what’s best about the San Francisco Bay Area,” said Mayor Newsom. “The game that could clinch the Series may be in Texas, but we’re creating an opportunity right in front of City Hall for families to gather and cheer the Giants to a World Championship.”

The Mayor’s Office is collaborating with the Recreation and Park Department, who successfully hosted the World Cup Live soccer events at Civic Center Plaza earlier this summer, to broadcast the game. In keeping with the event focus on families, alcohol will not be sold or permitted on Civic Center Plaza during the broadcast. Mobile food vendors from Off The Grid will be onsite to provide sale of food and non-alcoholic beverages.  Those attending the broadcast are encouraged to come early to secure a spot on the lawn and take public transportation via MUNI or BART to Civic Center or Van Ness stations.

“I also want to encourage fans from across the City and Bay Area to watch the game at their neighborhood bars and restaurants,” said Mayor Newsom. “Let’s give a lift to our local economy and small businesses while we’re boosting the Giants to victory in the World Series.”

San Francisco City Hall, the Ferry Building, Coit Tower, the Conservatory of Flowers and other City landmarks and buildings will continue to be lit in Giants Orange through the World Series.  Mayor Newsom is also urging Giants fans and local businesses to show their pride in the National League Champion team by wearing the Orange & Black or displaying signs, flags or other shows of support for the team.

Potential Final Game of World Series Broadcast Schedule
San Francisco Giants at Texas Rangers
Game 5, Arlington, Texas: Monday, November 1st – 4:30pm PDT, first pitch at 4:57pm.

The San Francisco Film Society Wants to “Save the Clay Theatre,” For Itself

Friday, August 20th, 2010

Well, it turns out that the San Francisco Film Society has a plan to Save the Clay Theatre. And why not?

Back in the day, they tried to take over the moribund Presidio Main Post Theatre (the one in the Presidio and not that other Presidio Theatre), but that didn’t work out. Or rather, it hasn’t yet worked out.

Anyway, read a letter from SFFS Executive Director Graham Leggat about what you can do to help, if you want.

All the deets, below.

Via revger, click to expand

These kids from the Bawdy Caste will return for one last Rocky Horror at the Clay the night of August 29th, no matter what.

Via Ashley

Here it is:


The San Francisco Film Society is one of the top twenty organizations of its kind in the world, one of the top ten in the United States, and oldest, biggest and most widely respected film exhibition organization in Northern California. Since 1957, the Film Society has been enriching the lives of Bay Area residents by presenting the best film and media from around the world, notably via the acclaimed San Francisco International Film Festival. The longest-running festival in the Americas, the International celebrated its golden anniversary in April 2007. During its first half-century, the Film Society has hosted more than 2,000 filmmakers and presented more than 6,500 films from 124 countries to audiences numbering more than two million people. It is beloved by its audiences and the international film industry alike. Its contributions to the cultural life of the Bay Area are immeasurable.

Now, as the Film Society begins its 54th year of operation, it is looking ahead to an even brighter future. In recent years the organization has launched many new activities, resulting in significant increases in membership, attendance, sponsorship and earned income. Its numbers are up across the board, in fact, and it is well on its way to establishing itself as a major cultural institution with a vibrant year-round presence. Central to this mission is the acquisition of a theater that the Film Society can call its home, one in which it can present many types of year-round programming in the areas of film exhibition, education, and filmmaker services.

Since December 2009, the Film Society has been in negotiations with the landlord of the Clay Theater, in an attempt to lease or purchase the building. So far these talks are at  an impasse over terms, but ultimately the Film Society hopes to bring the negotiations to a successful and swift conclusion, resulting in a longterm lease or ownership of the Clay. Once the Film Society has the theater, it intends to significantly upgrade the physical plant, which needs a good number of improvements, and reopen it as a revitalized cultural and community hub for the thriving Upper Fillmore business district.

With a half-century of film-exhibition experience under its belt, there is no doubt that the Film Society can make a success of running the Clay. The organization will program the same eclectic and popular mix of international, independent, and documentary films that have so engaged its diverse audiences. It will also program “Landmark”-type films, meaning first-run arthouse hits, as they become available, and will present a number of mini-festivals devoted to individual filmmakers and national cinemas. In all cases the Film Society will add value to these screenings, with panels, talks, and filmmakers in attendance.

So, we urge you, as someone who attends the Clay Theater, appreciates its role in your cultural life, and wants it to continue showing great films in our neighborhood, to ask the landlord to resume negotiations with the Film Society, to come to terms with the realities of today’s recessionary marketplace and real-estate values, and make it possible for the Film Society to operate and bring renewed energy to our beloved Clay Theater. 

When you send a letter to the Clay Theater landlord, please also email a copy of your letter to the San Francisco Film Society at:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Thank you for your efforts to make it possible to “Save the Clay”!  – Graham Leggat, Executive Director of the SFFS

Sample letter below.  Please send it to the Clay Theater’s landlord:


Balgobind Jaiswal c/o Blu, 2259 Fillmore Street, San Francisco, California, 94115




PRINT NAME__________________________________________________


EMAIL ADDRESS______________________________________________

TELEPHONE NUMBER_________________________________________

R.I.P. Clay Theatre on Fillmore, 1910-2010 – Rocky Horror Picture Show on Final Night, August 28th

Monday, August 16th, 2010

News comes from Sam Singer that Landmark Theatres’s popular Clay Theatre at 2261 Fillmore will go dark by the end of the month. Get all the deets from SF Silent Movie(!) Examiner Thomas Gladysz.

Per the New Fillmore:

“The final film scheduled at the Clay is a midnight showing of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” on Saturday, August 28.”

Be afraid, be very afraid.

Well, it was nice while it lasted, but now it’s gone:

Via revger, click to expand

The Horror of red-eye – will these kids from the Bawdy Caste return for the last Rocky at the Clay? We Can Only Hope.

Via Ashley

Sic transit gloria San Francisco.

Vaya con Gaia, tiny Clay Theatre.

“Come join us for one last The Rocky Horror Picture Show with the Bawdy Caste live on stage at The CLAY THEATRE,

It’s with heavy hearts we announce that THE CLAY THEATRE will be closing at the end of August. Join us in celebrating and saying goodbye to this historic theatre with one of our favorite movies! 100 Years of film history comes to a end, help us make this one amazing evening!

The Last
Saturday August 28th at MIDNIGHT

2261 Fillmore St
San Francisco
Tickets just $9.50-
Doors at 11:30pm Show at MIDNIGHT!
Need more info call us! (415)561-9921
Rocky will be moving to The BRIDGE THEATRE! in September!”

“One Screen. Built in 1910. Operated by Landmark since 1991. The mighty Clay is one of the oldest theatres in San Francisco. Built in 1910 by the renown Naify brothers, builders of the first movie screen in town, the New Fillmore, the Clay was first a nickelodeon house. In April of 1935, Herbert Rosenerreopened the Clay as The Clay International, a foreign film showcase. In the early 1970s, the theatre was part of the Surf Theatres group, run by pioneering San Francisco film exhibitor Mel Novikoff. In 1972, the Clay hosted the first midnight movie in San Francisco with the premiere of John Water’s Pink Flamingos, and also hosted many other controversial films, including The Life of Brian.Since Landmark assumed management in 1991, the Clay has enjoyed such improvements as digital sound, new seats and an extensive refurbishment of its art deco and classic Greek accoutrements. The combination of classic appointments and modern amenities has helped keep the Clay a comfortable, laid-back place to see unique film programming for almost a century.”