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California Dreaming: Surf’s Up, MLK DAY 2017, Seacliff, Frisco, 94121

Tuesday, January 17th, 2017

Seacliff has more than its fair share of rich kids driving about in old VW Transporters, it seems.

IMG_6851 copy

A nice Volkswagen, certainly…

The Hard-Working Candidates of District 2: Janet’s 3000 Door Knocks, Kat’s 15,000 Brochure Handouts

Wednesday, September 8th, 2010

Well, it looks as if some more candidates for Supervisorial District #2 are wearing out their shoe leather – it’s not just Mark Farrell pounding the pavement these days.

Take Janet Reilly, for instance.

She’s counted up all the doors she’s knocked upon during her campaign so far and she’s hit 3000. Wow, that’s a lot.

See? Here’s her release from yesterday:

Click to expand

O.K. then.

Not to be outdone, Stanfoo-educated Kat Anderson handed out her 15,000th brochure just today. The legal eagle reports that #14,999 went to a landlord named Benny and #15,000 went to Ed and Kevin at the JetMail business at the southern reaches of the district.


If you print up 15k worth of brochures and you hand them all out, then it’s easy to keep count, I s’pose.

Anyway, appears as if the typical resident and the typical small business owner in District 2 are going to run into more than one candidate before all is said and done. Don’t know if that’s true in any of the other districts…

All six declared hopefuls should be at the big forum coming up next week. See you there.

This Volkswagen Minibus has 21 Windows, Yet Some Would Yearn For More

Saturday, July 18th, 2009

You’d think having 21 windows on your ancient, 1960’s-era VW T1 Type 2 Transporter would put you ahead in the windows race, but you’d be wrong.

As seen in wealthy Sea Cliff, the home (or former home) of Robin Williams, actress Sharon Stone, actor Cheech Marin, screenwriter Monica Cliff, real estate/casino tycoon Luke Brugnara, and Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett.

IMG_9865 copy

Click to expand.

You need to add in two rear corner windows like this in order to get a 23 window model. Here below is the King of All VW buses. It won’t get you up the Waldo Grade in a hurry, but it will get you there, with or without green and blue bear dogs.

2942626067_6ea3551fb6_o copy

via VWBuses

The Richers of Sea Cliff Missed It By That Much.

Among American enthusiasts, it is common to refer to the different models by the number of their windows. The basic Kombi or Bus is the 11-window (a.k.a. 3-window bus because of three side windows) with a split windshield, two front cabin door windows, six rear side windows, and one rear window. The deluxe model featured eight rear side windows and two rear corner windows, making it the 15-window (not available in Europe). Meanwhile, the sunroof deluxe with its additional eight small skylight windows is, accordingly, the 23-window. From the 1963 model year, with its wider rear door, the rear corner windows were discontinued, making the latter two the 13-window and 21-window respectively. The 23 and later 21 window variants are usually described as Sambas.

It’s Here! Neighborhood Free Days at the California Academy of Sciences!

Saturday, May 2nd, 2009

You know what makes you better than all those melon farmers out there? It’s the fact that you hang your hat every night in the City and County of San Francisco. That makes you special. To celebrate you, the California Academy of Sciences is offering free admission for you (and your neighbors). Just match up your zip code with the handy chart below, gather up the necessary proof of where you reside, and head on over to Golden Gate Park.

And the nice thing about this free admission program is that it probably won’t be as crowded as it sometimes gets on the third Wednesday of the month, when everyone gets in sans tariff.

Celebrated Missionites getting a little camera time in front of the green screen before entering the Cal Academy yesterday. Bide your time, your free day is coming:

Read the fine print. Click to expand:

Thanks, Bank of America.

Cyclists Move From the Back of the Bus all the Way to First Class in the Presidio

Tuesday, February 24th, 2009

Boy, you’ve really got to be dedicated to keep up with the developments at the old Public Health Service Hospital in the Presidio. Last night, a total of 33 civic-minded souls got updated on the latest plans for the condoization of the place, including San Francisco Supervisor Eric Mar (who’s everywhere you don’t want to be on these dark and stormy nights).

Amid discussion of Canary Island Date Palms in this slide show from Chandler McCoy…

…we get this power point page. It’s the 15th Avenue entrance in the Presidio in the NIMBY-rich SeaCliff / Lake District / northern part of the Richmond area just south of the PHSH worksite. Well you already know about that, but the entrance will be for bike riders only, no cars allowed. See? (That’s not a “sharrow” arrow ’cause there’s no sharing involved with that particular lane.) Conservatory Drive in Golden Gate Park has a similar arrangement but the bike lane there is not as wide. Click to expand:

Vehicular types will just have to use 14th Avenue as the entrance when this plan goes into effect. You can’t ask for more than that, can you, cyclists?

That’s about as much excitement the Presidio will produce for you until word comes about the revised plans for the long-delayed Contemporary Art Museum at the Presidio (CAMP) museum.

Any day now…