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The Special, So Very Special, Official License Plates of Your California State Senators and Assembly Members

Friday, April 8th, 2011

Your horrible Department of Motor Vehicles has all the deets on those “A” and “S” license plates you might occasionally notice about town.

Let’s see here:

A is for Assembly, S is for Senate, numbers represent the district concerned, R is for Retired and E is for the Extra car that Retired Senators sometimes acquire.

It’s all from CVC section §5002.8, which got approval from…. the California Senate and Assembly, believe it or not. Special they are.

Here’s a helpful chart:

Click to expand

Now I’ll tell you, even some CHiPs don’t know how to read these plates, so don’t feel bad.

Here, you can practice on this car. Oops, it’s from Massachusetts. Oh well. It looks special as well, tho.

I think that’s how you can save yourself a lot of money – just use out-of-state plates like so many others do…

Happy motoring!