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San Francisco’s Best Bike Store is the New Marin Bikes Outlet in the SoMA – Mega Turbo Awesome

Monday, December 28th, 2009

Now I heard from the Bluoz about Marin Bikes‘ new Factory Outlet in the South of Market Area, but I had to see it to believe it. Yes, the old Fregosi Paint store location at 1090 Folsom is now a huge bike shop.

Unfortunately, they don’t have any bikes going for $200 anymore but you’ll like the prices irregardless. The Yelpers seem to like this store, anyway.

They even have them expensive little folding bikes you can take on BART 24-7

Myself, I recently got me a mountain bike from the REI but you, if you wanted a cheap hybrid bike for $279, something akin to the one Mayor Gavin Newsom uses on Bike to Work Day (a Specialized Globe with his name on the top tube that went for $1000-something), well I don’t think an outfit like Valencia Cyclery could touch that kind of deal, specially considering all the money V.C. spends on advertising.

Just saying.

I’m betting the factory that produced a good portion of these bikes is way over in Red China (or the Other China), but oddly enough, Marin Bikes’ Factory Outlet is right here in San Francisco:

(The arrival of this new store more than makes up for losing our North Face Outlet to Berkeley.)

Get over to 7th and Folsom and tell them Billy sent you.

See you there.