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A Call for Artists: Sue-Happy “SF Beautiful” Org + SFMTA’s MUNI Buses = A Chance to Display Your Art

Thursday, May 28th, 2015

Let’s see if I can pay off on this headline here.

San Francisco Beautiful is a 501(c)(3) what likes to sue us, the People of San Francisco. Last I saw, they got spanked by some appellate judges and the Wealthy Wizened White people of SFB said they were weighing their options, oh well.

And MUNI, well that’s America’s Slowest Big-City Transit System, right? (Ask about our hidebound ‘work-rules’ what have accumulated over the years – we’ve got a lot!”)

Put them together and you’ve got the ‘MUNI Art’ Call for Artists.

And here’s your compensation:

“This is a high visibility opportunity for artists to have their work seen by thousands of persons daily”

Oh, and maybe you’ll make a couple thou to boot.

Also, resumes are required.

Now an art car has had its exterior prettified, made beautiful, but an “art bus” looks just like any other bus, oh well. Your winning piece won’t be seen by the millions outside of MUNI buses, oh no, oh well. (And please note that your art can’t promote the use of cars as transportation, under MUNI’s advertising rules. Hey, why not make your bus art an image of an art bus? It could work!)

Have at it:

Call for Artists
San Francisco Beautiful presents: MUNI Art
Application Deadline: June 19, 2015
Project Description
SF Beautiful is inviting artists to create original artwork to be digitally reproduced for display within 50 Muni Art buses in San Francisco this fall (2015).The artist will retain ownership of the artwork. This is a new initiative of SF Beautiful, in partnership with SFMTA. This is a high visibility opportunity for artists to have their work seen by thousands of persons daily.
5 winning designs will be selected by a public vote from a pool of pre qualified finalists. Each of the 5 artists will have their work displayed in 10 buses for a period of three months. No advertising will be displayed in the buses during this period.
Applicants must live in one of the following Bay Area counties:
• Alameda County
• Contra Costa County
• Marin County
• Napa County
• San Francisco County
• San Mateo County
• Santa Clara County
• Solano County
• Sonoma County
Artists who are selected as finalists are encouraged to develop designs that are evocative of “The Spirit of San Francisco.”
This can be broadly interpreted and should be appropriate for the context in which it will be displayed.
Selection Process
Stage 1:
Complete applications will be vetted by a Review Committee comprised of local gallery owners and art institutions.
Applications will be considered based on their eligibility, application materials, and adherence to SFMTA’s advertising policy, on pages 4 & 5.
Stage 2:
Finalists will submit initial designs that will be presented to the public through an online voting system.
Applications must include the following:
1. 1-page project proposal including:
a. Project Description (text only, no visuals of project at this time)
b. How your project relates to the theme – “The Spirit of San Francisco”
c. If your project will be continuous or multiple panels (example on page 3)
2. 1-page resume
3. No more than 4 images of previous work (submitted as Microsoft Word or PDF document)
a. Include medium, dimensions, date, and a brief description for each image

We DON’T Need An EIR Before Utility Boxes Are Installed – Welcoming AT&T U-Verse Service to the 415, At Long Last

Tuesday, May 24th, 2011

Get up to speed on the U-Verse issue right here and Fog City Journal has coverage of yesterday’s rally at City Hall right here.

Oh, look, yet another “utility box” on the sidewalks of San Francisco. But, kell domaje, it’s covered in graffiti. Let’s solve this problem by cancelling mail service to the 415 – does that make sense?

Via Don BeetleDick

Now, let’s hear from the West Bay:

“My final words to SF Beautiful. Keep your hands off the neighborhoods of others. You don’t speak for us. We can speak for ourselves.”

Harsh. Now, I’m not sure how real a group the Ocean Beach Condominiums Homeowners Association is, but you can only get Comcast or dial-up internet out there near the ocean? Wow. Those poor devils, poor poor devils.

And, generally, do young people like judgmental homeowners associations? Apparently. (You mock twisted copper into the home? All right, but some people would like that. Deal with it. Who is stepping up for Fiber Into the Home or whatever they call it? Who is going to pay for that? Oh well, in the meantime, we’ll have AT&T as another choice.)

Anyway, appears as if those AT&T boxes will get approved today at the Board of Supes, but that will come with the chance that your neighbors will still say neigh and you won’t be able to get U-Verse after all.

Consider that a partial victory for Progress.

Additional Environmental Review NOT Needed on Massive AT&T Utility Box Project – Connectivity is a Human Right

Tuesday, May 17th, 2011

Well, here’s the other viewpoint, from that blog what doesn’t allow The People to make comments, what gets five-figures a year of taxpayer money to express its leader’s political views, what’s run by the King of the Tenderloin, the NIMBY King, who lives in a six-bedroom, four-bath mansion somewhere in the East Bay, fair ‘nough.

Hey, NIMBYs, infrastructure isn’t beautiful.

Click to expand


Is this what the NIMBYs want more of, laughable infrastructure?

Via Sunglint: “‘What is this, Mumbai?” Said by a visiting Canadian engineer while looking out my study window in the Mission”

How about this, NIMBY’s? Why don’t you get together and deal with AT&T on a more local basis, the way your elected and appointed officials have already worked out.  Frankly, I don’t care if you want to shake down T for money in my hood, if you all want to hold connectivity hostage to your demands, cause I don’t want the U-Verse.

But other people do. Try to not be so selfish, you NIMBYs.

Try to think of something besides your precious real estate, you fucking NIMBYs.

Simple-Minded Columnist C.W. Nevius Weighs In: “Is HDTV competition worth 4-foot U-verse boxes?”

Thursday, April 21st, 2011

So let’s see here, U-Verse (short for universe, or universal, or whatnot, manifestly) is a weird name, apparently, but “Nevius,” that’s not weird at all. That’s one lesson you can learn today from the most simple-mindedest writer on staff at the Chronicle.

And you can get some quotes from one of the horrible, money-hungry NIMBYs over at SF Beautiful.

Now, the Comcast monopoly sucks, non? (And actually, you can live without cable or satelite TV, anyway, if you want.)

All right, here’s a retread from before. Enjoy:

Here’s what you do, just surf on over to to see what AT&T has in store for San Francisco. They want to bring fiber optics closer to your house so that you can join the 21st century, access-to-data-wise. They call it U-verse and a couple thousand people in town already use it for high speed internet and wireless and television and phone and whatnot.

The thing is that AT&T needs to put “street cabinetry” all over the 415 to make it all work and they only put in 14 boxes before giving up the effort in 2008. But they’re back now  for another try. They told me all about it over turkey samwiches the other day at that building they share with the Twitter in the SoMA. But everything they talked about is on the new website, they’ve even got a blog.

The site allows recent arrivals to SF to vent:

We’ll do whatever it takes to get U-Verse to our neighborhood here in the Outer Sunset. Every single night, we shake our fists at our current Comcast DVR and yell, “WE MISS OUR U-VERSE!”

O.K. then. Anyway, AT&T’s Marc Blakeman is standing by to hear what you have to say or schedule a meeting about where to put the boxes or whatever. He’s already met with 45 groups this go-around, so why not you or your group too?

(Oh, and don’t ask about what it takes to bury these things – you don’t want to know. The hole they have to dig and air-condition and whatnot is bigger than your apartment.)

We were supposed to be the first city to get this stuff and now we’re one of the last. Oh well.

Get all the deets at the special AT&T site.

And here’s the FAQ to get you started:

How does the system work today?
What’s new in the network upgrade?
What government approvals must AT&T obtain to install these additional cabinets?
What happens after the CEQA Review?
What is the scope of the build?
Why 726 cabinets and how does that compare to the last CEQA application AT&T made in 2008?
What is the size of the cabinets and what do they look like?
What color are these cabinets? Can they be painted a different color?
Can the cabinets be buried?
How will AT&T handle graffiti on the boxes?
What about permits that AT&T already had in process before withdrawing their CEQA application in 2008?
Will AT&T provide any landscaping or screening around the boxes to soften their appearance?
How will I know if a cabinet is being located near my home or business?
Do the cabinets make a sound?
How is it determined where to place the new cabinets?
How is AT&T informing the community of its network upgrade plans?
How does the DPW permitting process work?
When will AT&T begin applying for permits with the San Francisco Department of Public Works?