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Dennis Herrera Throws Down: Takes on Poorly-Designed Central Subway and Its Cost Overruns – Watch Now

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011

Via Jerold Chinn of SF Public Press comes this.

Check out Dennis Herrera‘s thoughts on the much-more-expensive-than-promised and shorter-than-promised Central Subway “spur*,” starting at 1:00:

And don’t miss the other part either.

*”Spur?” I love it. Oh yeah, that’s right. It doesn’t go as far north as it should, or as far south neither. And it’s too deep. Maybe it just doesn’t make sense, as things stand now, except as a political payoff.

OccupySF: Is Capitalist and Mayoral Candidate Joanna Rees Part of the 99% or the 1%?

Monday, October 17th, 2011

Here’s the news from Dan Schreiber:

Occupy SF gains support from Joanna Rees

And here’s how close the 99% will ever be able to get to her abode (assuming they don’ t want to risk getting tased with extreme prejudice).

Don’t tase me, bro: 

Click to expand

[And once you make it past the security guards, you’ll still have to deal with the legacy of this street’s famous restrictive covenants.]

Actually, some of the 99% get paid what I assume to be something close to minimum wage to carry signs and otherwise sing the praises of Joanna Rees. And you know who pays for that? The taxpayers of the City and County of San Francisco, for some reason:

Somehow this all makes sense…

ZOMG, It’s “The Race for Mayor 2011” – All 16 Candidates Plus Melissa Griffin and Beth Spotswood on Oct. 6th!

Thursday, September 22nd, 2011

On Thursday, October 6th, 2011, INFORUM and the Commonwealth Club will present

The Race for Mayor 2011  – Don’t miss a rare opportunity to get face to face with all 16 mayoral candidates of San Francisco and hear them address the issues you come face to face with every day: Muni, parks, pensions, open government, the budget and more.”

Get your tickets now, as this one will surely sell out.  

All your favorites will be there: 

Jeff Adachi, Public Defender, San Francisco; Mayoral Candidate 2011, SF 
Michela Alioto-Pier, Former Supervisor, San Francisco District 2; Mayoral Candidate 2011, SF 
Cesar Ascarrunz, Mayoral Candidate 2011, SF 
John Avalos, Supervisor, San Francisco District 11; Mayoral Candidate 2011, SF 
Terry Baum, Mayoral Candidate 2011, SF 
David Chiu, Supervisor, President of the Board, San Francisco District 3; Mayoral Candidate 2011, SF 
Paul Currier, Mayoral Candidate 2011, SF 
Bevan Dufty, Former Supervisor, San Francisco; Mayoral Candidate 2011, SF 
Tony Hall, Former Supervisor, San Francisco; Mayoral Candidate 2011, SF 
Dennis Herrera, City Attorney, San Francisco; Mayoral Candidate 2011, SF 
Emil Lawrence, Mayoral Candidate 2011, SF 
Ed Lee, Mayor, San Francisco; Mayoral Candidate 2011, SF 
Wilma Pang, Mayoral Candidate 2011, SF 
Joanna Rees, Entrepreneur; Educator; Mayoral Candidate 2011, SF 
Phil Ting, Assessor, San Francisco; Mayoral Candidate 2011, SF 
Leland Yee, State Senator, California District 8; Mayoral Candidate 2011, SF

Melissa Griffin, Columnist, San Francisco Examiner; Co-Host, Necessary Conversations – Moderator
Beth Spotswood, Culture Blogger,; Co-host, Necessary Conversations – MC

Location: SF Club Office
Time: 6 p.m. check-in, 6:30 p.m. program, 8 p.m. reception
Cost: $20 standard, $12 members, $7 students (with valid ID)
Tickets and info:

(Now, what are the odds what some of the Lesser Candidates will use this unique opportunity to Do Something Crazy? That’s gotta be close to 100%.)

See you there!

Joanna Rees Can’t Afford Her Mayoral Run But She CAN Afford a Security Guard To Keep People Off Her Street?

Thursday, September 1st, 2011


Ms. Rees’s problem is money. She has it. (She and her husband, her partner in a venture capital firm that is now being dismantled, live in Presidio Terrace, a gated enclave with uniformed guards.) But she has, as yet, refused to spend it. Though she stands to collect as much as $900,000 in public financing by agreeing to campaign-spending caps, Ms. Rees herself has not yet contributed a single dollar. And under the campaign-spending caps, none of her well-heeled contributors can give more than $500.”

You Shall Not Pass

Click to expand

Ah yes, Presidio “restrictive covenants” Terrace.

Now, shouldn’t every “community” be gated?

Sure, why not?

Why are the Taxpayers of San Francisco Subsidizing the Mayoral (and Related ) Ambitions of Joanna Rees?

Monday, August 29th, 2011

Click here to see Heather Knight’s report on what it’s like to be on the trail with mayoral candidate Joanna Rees.

I don’t know, this campaign stands out as the biggest ego trip out of all the dozen or so “serious” candidates.

I say that for two reasons.

1. We’re paying for it. Hundreds and thousands of dollars worth of our money goes to her campaign, which then goes into people carrying her name all over town. I think Joanna likes having her name all over town whether or not she has a chance of winning this race. Of course other candidates are getting a piece of the millions being given out this cycle as well, but Joanna is the standout. Did she have to fill out a form or something to claim that she needs the money? (Isn’t that what campaign financing should be all about? I mean, if you commit a crime, the govt. will provide you with a public defender for free, if necessary, but you at least have to claim that you need the help. What the govt. doesn’t do is say, “Oh, you’re a millionaire, but no matter, go out there and hire any lawyer in the world to defend you and then we’ll pick up the bill.”) Based upon what I’ve seen, without public financing she wouldn’t be running. But prove me wrong, Joanna, by giving back our money.

2. Our money isn’t being spent effectively – now that’s the other thing. Those Rees’es Pieces, those kids who are all over the place. What do they make, minimum wage? Sure seems that way. Let’s take a look, below.

“All right, strike a pose to ensure you’re ignored for the entire AM drive, log into FaceBook (or I guess these days it’s Google Plus) and ACTION.”

“OK, that’s a rap, go see payroll.”

“Now, I want you to distribute these fliers in the Western A. But don’t just leave one leaflet as a piece of garbage on the ground – no no, leave five at a time, that way you’ll quintuple your productivity. Hurray!”

And be sure to show up to the mayoral forum two hours early, you know, to get the word out:

Now, let’s hear from JR herself:

“‘I’m not a Meg Whitman in no way,’ Rees said flatly…”

That’s right: Meg had a more effective campaign because she was spending her own money.

Plus, Meg had a chance of winning.

So let’s look forward to hearing from more college kids getting paid (all, most, some – how much per hour, I don’t know) to hold up signs (and not just one, get an extra long stick and then staple an extra four JOANNA! signs down the shaft) to stand outside of forums and think of ways to amuse themselves.

Sometimes, you run for office not to win but just to “get your name out there.” Well, Mission Accomplished, perhaps over budget (mostly our budget) but ahead of schedule. I got it – high functioning, go-getter alpha female with very good genes, but what else do you have? You gotta give the people something. What, you’re “not an insider?” Well, you’re going to need to do more than that, is all I’m saying.

Where JR’s path will lead to down the road in 2012 and beyond, I know not.

Oh well.

“Promoted Tweets” – Is the God Damned SFMTA Paying Twitter to Get Its Tweets Promoted? Could Be…

Wednesday, August 17th, 2011

I don’t know, you tell me, babe.

Here’s what happens now when you do a search for “sfmayor” on the Twitter right now.

Click to expand

Now, the second entry you see there is what you’d expect. See? The KQED made a post using the hashtag #sfmayor just 4 minutes before, so you’d expect it to be up on top there. And the ones lower down are all in chronological order.

But what you’ll see on the very top is the sfmta_muni SFMTA account, crowing about how great the troubled and corrupt SFMTA is, perfectly coordinated with “Interim” Mayor Ed Lee’s media plan for election.

Is this normal?

I don’t know. (There’s lots I don’t know about the Twitter.)

Just seems funny that Twitter thinks I’d be interested in a nothingburger promotional Tweet from the worst-run agency in the City & County of San Francisco.

Bevan Dufty Hires Alex Tourk and Ground Floor Public Affairs to Run Day-To-Day Aspects of Mayoral Campaign

Sunday, July 24th, 2011

The news of the day:

“Today I am announcing great addition to #teambevan. Welcome Alex Tourk. Read all about it #sfmayor

(Does former Supervisor Bevan Dufty have a monstrously large team to run for Mayor in 2011? Sure seems that way. See below.)

Anyway, here’s how Alex Tourk will be added into the mix:

“Hiring Alex Tourk to run my campaign day-to-day in the final piece of the puzzle,” said Dufty. “I first worked with Alex Tourk in 1999 when we were both in neighborhood services for Mayor Brown. He is a veteran of many hard-fought, successful campaigns in San Francisco. I am thrilled to have his leadership, experience and talent managing my campaign.”

Bevan at the Market Street HQ:

All the deets:

Dufty Announces Campaign Team

The Bevan Dufty for Mayor campaign announced its campaign team today. “We have assembled a strong and experienced team,” said Dufty for Mayor Communications Director Roby Chavez. “The expertise they bring in terms of strategy, message, creativity and boots on the ground – combined with the experience and campaign skills of our candidate Bevan Dufty – are going to give us a huge boost in this nontraditional election.”

The Dufty campaign is being led by San Francisco-based general consultant Michael Terris of Terris, Barnes & Walters who took over the reigns in February. TBW has run campaigns in San Francisco campaigns going back to 1988, including Mayor Willie Brown’s 1999 re-elect, Assemblywoman Fiona Ma’s election in 2006, and the Yes on G/ No on F campaign to revitalize the Hunter’s Point Shipyard and Candlestick Point in 2008 and Roberta Achtenberg’s 1995 Mayoral Campaign.

The assembled Dufty for Mayor campaign team includes:

Alex Tourk’s firm Ground Floor, one of California’s leading campaign management and public affairs firms. Ground Floor has worked for Mayor Gavin Newsom, Congresswoman Jackie Speier, and Assemblyman Rich Gordon. Ground Floor has joined the team to run the campaign on a day-to-day basis and oversee the field operation.

David Binder of David Binder Research, one of the nation’s pre-eminent pollsters, has been helping candidates and causes in San Francisco and around the country for the last 27 years. His clients include President Obama, Senator Mark Leno and the California Democratic Party.

Joyce Newstat of Rocket Science Associates, a leading expert in finance, campaign fundraising, and public policy – particularly for LGBT candidates. Joyce is handling national fundraising. Joyce has worked in San Francisco politics since the late eighties including running Roberta Achtenberg’s campaign for Mayor in 1995 and serving as Mayor Newsom’s Policy Director.

Jill McCarthy brings nearly 10 years of national fundraising experience to the Dufty Campaign. She worked for the late Senator Edward M. Kennedy until he passed away, and prior to that, Senator Charles Schumer (NY) at Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, Senator Bob Graham (FL) and various other Democratic candidates. She is serving as the Finance Consultant overseeing the fundraising operation that has raised over $1 million to date.·

Mark Putnam of Putnam Partners, one of the premier Democratic media firms in the country. Putnam’s clients include President Obama (including writing and producing the half-hour television special that aired on seven networks in the final days of the 2008 campaign), Attorney General Kamala Harris, Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper, and newly elected Denver Mayor Michael Hancock (who made it through a 10 candidate primary), among many others.

Ken Strasma of Strategic Telemetry, the country’s foremost experts in microtargeting for campaigns. Strategic Telemetry’s pioneering methodology helped the Obama Campaign secure an upset victory in the Iowa caucuses in 2008 and led the way to the nomination and election.

Matt Erickson of 76 Words, an expert in campaign media and communications will produce video and online content. Matt spent over 10 years with Laguens/ Klose/Kully, one of the nations leading Democratic television firms before hanging up his own shingle with partner Sarah Flowers in 2011.

“I am very proud of this team,” said mayoral candidate Bevan Dufty. “We have the collective leadership, talent, experience, and creativity to match any campaign in the country.”

“Hiring Alex Tourk to run my campaign day-to-day in the final piece of the puzzle,” said Dufty. “I first worked with Alex Tourk in 1999 when we were both in neighborhood services for Mayor Brown. He is a veteran of many hard-fought, successful campaigns in San Francisco. I am thrilled to have his leadership, experience and talent managing my campaign.”

The Dufty campaign continues to grow. Team Bevan has raised and matched over $1 million and is reaching voters every day by phone, mail and on their doorstep.”

Outrageousness: Run Ed Run Minions Enter John Avalos for Mayor HQ to Ask About Posting an Ed Lee Sign in Window

Saturday, July 23rd, 2011

[UPDATE: Further details here. Did John Avalos sign a Run Ed Run petition?]

This was the scene today at the brand new John Avalos for Mayor of San Francisco campaign headquarters down at 1750 Market near Octavia.

See? Some Run Ed Run people working Market Street asked the John Avalos for Mayor people for permission to put a Run Ed Run sign up.

The misguided Ed Lee supporters saw the Avalos signs and figured, well, the owner of this business isn’t afraid to have political signs in the front window so there’s no harm in asking.

Dude in the middle just might be an Avalos-er, but the person on the left and the person on the right are oblivious Run Ed Runners just doing what the Powers That Be, what the Agents of Fortune told them to do*:

Click to expand

Is this yet another genius move from political genius David Ho, that political pal of Rose Pak?

Only Time Will Tell.

*”San Francisco business and development interests are pushing members of the Board of Supervisors to publicly endorse Mayor Ed Lee’s potential run for a full term in November…”

“This Isn’t a Brown Act Violation” – Golden Gate Park Panhandle Now Filled with San Francisco Supervisors, Former and Current

Sunday, July 17th, 2011

Here’s just one angle of the action after today’s AIDS Walk in Golden Gate Park.

Can you see Team Avalos back there? And there’s former District 10 Supervisor Sophie Maxwell and District 5 Supervisor and candidate for Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi and former District One Supervisor Jake McGoldrick.


Click to expand

But please, I beseech you, please remember: “This is not a Brown Act violation.”

Fair ‘nough.

Oh No, Ed Lee! Mayor Campaign Kickoff a Huge Success – Hundreds on Hand Plus Willie Brown and Rose Pak

Saturday, June 25th, 2011

(Through all of this, which is unprecedented, really, please remember: “Interim” Mayor Edwin Lee didn’t ask to be short-roped to the summit:

For her part, Pittman didn’t ask to be short-roped. As she left Camp Four at the front of Fischer’s group, Lopsang abruptly pulled her aside and girth-hitched a length of rope to the front of her climbing harness. Then, without consulting her, he capped the other end to his own harness and began to pull. She maintains that Lopsang hauled her up the slope very much against her wishes. Which begs a question: why didn’t she simply unfasten the three-foot tether connecting her to Lopsang, which would have required nothing more than reaching up and unclipping a single carabiner?

Moving on…)

Wow, today’s campaign kickoff for the Ed Lee for Mayor campaign, a Rose Pak /Willie Brown joint, went off without a hitch, with yellow-shirted “Ed Heads” heading off in all directions to gather signatures.

See? Hundreds and hundreds there were, it seemed:

Click to expand

Now, is Edwin Lee into the leather scene, on this day before Pride 2011? Oh hells yes, apparently. Taste the rainbow:

And look who’s outside? It’s the leaders of the Ed Lee for Mayor campaign! See them?

Here’s a peek from the sidewalk of Mission Street through the open door. It was packed, baby:

And check it, it’s San Francisco Chronicle reporter* Rose Pak having a chat with Phil Matier. Oh hey, he’s a reporter too!

Oh, here’s what she had to say:

“‘Pretty good, eh?’ Pak said, pointing to the overflow crowd that spilled out onto the sidewalk.”

Leave us depart – almost seemed as if the volunteers were eager to hit the road. (Truth be told, there was no room inside for them to hear the nobodies who were addressing the crowd.)

Step aside Leland Yee, this race has a new front runner!

*Oops, I meant former San Francisco Chronicle reporter….