Attention Pedestrians: MUNI Wants to Nag You About Not Running Into Their Buses – New Video – (Oh, BTW, MUNI Sucks!)

Friday, July 13th, 2012

Hey, remember when that woman who was doing nothing at all wrong got killed by that MUNI bus driver last year and the driver said that the woman who was doing nothing at all wrong had not been paying attention?*

Like this:

“Loggins’ attorney, Stuart Hanlon, told reporters last month that Dunn had also not been paying attention before the accident; apparently she had her head down and was texting while crossing the street, he said. 

Well the SFMTAMUNIDPT, that outfit that mismanages MUNI and hands out parking tickets, doesn’t remember.


Apparently, when MUNI drivers and operators kill people, it’s the fault of the peds themselves, all of them, apparently, and especially those in the the Asian-American-businesswomen-walking-about-whilst-wearing-ginormous-Sony-STUDIO- MONITOR-headphones-demographic.

Check it:

“Do you want Beethoven to be the last thing you hear?”

Wow, so verite, non? 

By the way:

“Comments are disabled for this video.”

I wonder why.

*Gentle Reader, peds have no obligation to pay attention. None. Zero. Peds need to use crosswalks and not start too soon or too late and not go too fast or too slow and, at uncontrolled intersections, they need to yield to traffic already using the intersection, but they can otherwise do pretty much whatever they want and STILL NOT BE HELD AT FAULT FOR THEIR DEATHS. Emily Dunn made it most of the way across the intersection – that’s proof that the MUNI driver was 100% at fault in this case.