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Nevius Intervention – Larry the Homeless Bootblack Again, and Again, and Again – CW = 85% Republican, 15% Maudlin

Tuesday, November 13th, 2012

Nevius, if you had been an ex-jock* writer / columnist for the Das Reich Newspaper Group, you know, back in the day, would you have gone out combing the ghettos to find One Good Jew and then made him/her an example for all to follow, by writing column after column on the same person?


Presenting, once again, CW Nevius on Larry Moore, the homeless shoeshine man.

What your dozens of columns on one single homeless person are saying, Nevius, is that it’s too bad that all homeless people can’t dress up every day, basically.

Nevius, you need an intervention.

Oh, but I’ve been beaten to the punch by Jay Barmann of SFist.


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Imagine, if you will, a 12-step Nevius:

[The Nevius] : Hello, my name is CW from the East Bay. I’m a recovering maudlin Republican and I just celebrated my two-week birthday on November 27th.

[Crowd]: Hi CW!

If only.

Nevius, how will you disappoint us next?

*Imagine that you lost the long jump to Jesse Owens in ’36 and then found a cushy part-time writing gig promoting the values of whichever regime is in power, you know, as an Jedermann, an Everyman.