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An Early Morning Shot from Sky1Ron Shows Just What Kind of Nothingburger Treasure Island Actually Is

Monday, November 15th, 2010

Sky1Ron, San Francisco’s very own Arnie Pye In the Sky, has another nice shot, this time from sunrise above Alameda County.

That three-foot-high sand spit you see jutting into San Francisco Bay is your vaunted Treasure Island.

Doesn’t look like too much, huh?


And here’s how she appeared 75 years ago. Is this terra all that firma?

Borne on the wings of time
It seemed the answers were so easy to find

Too late, the prophets cry
The island’s sinking, lets take to the sky

The Sinking Sidewalks of San Francisco

Wednesday, December 10th, 2008

Sometimes, the ground beneath your feet is less solid than you think.

There’s nothing holding this piece of concrete up but air and it looked like you could store a lot of stuff down there.

Newspaper cover girl Beyonce shown for scale:

Click to enlarge

Tread lightly!