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The Crowded Skies Over the Golden Gate Bridge – Lots of Joyriders Up There – One Of These Days…

Wednesday, February 7th, 2018

The float plane on the left is always up there, like multiple times a day, but the other plane, which is at the same altitude and has the same heading, had to turn away shortly before:

7J7C7837 copy

I guess the last problem we had over / under the bridge aviation-wise was when a chopper lost power and had to inflate its pontoon balloons and auto-rotate onto the waters of the Gate, and then get tow from a Coast Guard boat.

Anyway, we’re a magnet for joyriders is what I’m saying…

Red Skies at Night, Over SoPA (the South of Panhandle Area, I’m Srsly) – Or Sunset Over the Sunset

Thursday, March 31st, 2016

Red skies at night, or sky blue pink, take your pick

7J7C9005 copy

Jupiter Descending, Over a Benihana – Along with la Luna y Venus – Conjunction, What’s Your Function?

Monday, June 22nd, 2015

Check it, it’s the moon together with Jupiter, the Gas Giant, up high and Venus, the Evening Star on the right, all converging, equilateral trianagularily, over a Benihana Japanese Steakhouse.

As seen during Summer Solstice 2015:

P1240650 copy

Merry part.

Samuel L Jackson Selfies Show Him Going from Glad to Sad on His Recent Trip to Beijing, China – Air Quality

Wednesday, March 26th, 2014

Here’s SLJ on a small, snake-free plane on his way to China:

“‘Bout to go wheels up from London to Beijing. Might have to get my slumber on!”

But when he got there, he was dissatisfied with the Air Quality (AQ) level:

“Even w/ lights, you can only see 2 1/2 blocks…maybe! AQ 312!!”

Poor SLJ!

Sunset Over the Sunset – Cotton Candy December Skies – As Seen From Mervyn’s Heights, Target Tor – Behind the Music Scholarship

Friday, December 20th, 2013

Lone Mountain campus, where Suzanne Somers lost her music scholarship and got kicked out of school, you know, for getting preggers, a half century ago.

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“She was accepted at San Francisco College for Women (commonly referred to as “Lone Mountain College“), a now-defunct single sex school which became a campus of the Jesuit University of San Francisco. She won a music scholarship, but became pregnant after six months. She married the baby’s father, “Bruce Somers”, and her only child, Bruce Somers, was born in November 1965. She was unhappy in her marriage and began an affair with her former drama teacher. Her husband found out about it and the marriage ended after just two years, in 1967. A single mom, she turned to modeling in San Francisco to support herself and her son. She also distanced herself from her family because her older brother and sister by then were also alcoholics. In 1968, she won a job as a prize model on a game show hosted by her future husband, Alan Hamel, who was married at the time. The two began dating, and she became pregnant while Hamel was still married. They came to the conclusion that Suzanne should have an abortion, from which she suffered severe bleeding for several days. In 1970, she auditioned for Playboy’s Playmate of the Month and got as far as a test series of photos taken in the Mexican jungle. She was fully nude except for a gold chain around her waist. Playboy decided not to use her shots at the time, but paid her $3,000 for the test. After she became a star on Three’s Company (1976), Playboy published the entire series of photos and the handwritten Data Sheet that each potential Playmate fills out (in which she gives the year of her birth as 1947). At the time of its publication, she was a popular (and for her, lucrative) spokeswoman in a series of TV commercials for Ace Hardware. Following the publication of the pictures, Ace abruptly fired her, citing the contract’s morals clause. In 1971, her son Bruce was severely injured when he was hit by a car, and the therapist counseling him only charged the struggling Suzanne $1 per week. Suzanne herself also underwent therapy to overcome the problems of her dysfunctional childhood…”

The Most Beautifullest Freeway Support Column in San Francisco – Where Skies are Always Blue – Physical Graffiti

Thursday, December 12th, 2013

[UPDATE – Per Lee Springer: “That pillar is in Portola where San Bruno Ave meets Alemany Blvd.”]

Somewhere in South Central SF, as seen from the 101:

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All You Need to Know About Lobbying, Recreation and Park Department “Corruption,” and the Stow Lake Boathouse

Tuesday, May 10th, 2011

All right, here’s what you need to know about the Stow Lake thing (oh, more here as well):

The vote against hanging on with the existing tenant, the one what’s filed a lawsuit, was five to zero from those people who poured over all the competing bids.

So, the question to the hysterics at SaveStowLake is why did the existing tenant lose 5-0? Do you wanna say that the five were hand-picked recruits for ghastly pursuits, well, then, come out and say it, allege it. I mean, there are reasons the existing tenant lost, right? They have been detailed, in authentic-looking, hand-written notes. If you want to find corruption, I invite to look there.

(And of course, Supervisor Eric Mar, who seldom finds himself “in the pockets of the corporations” or wherever, stabbed you in the back or something. Fine.)

Oh, in other business, this statement from the Northside rag is a lie:

“The Ortegas even offered to more than double their yearly base rent to $315,000 and run the boathouse as-is, but Ginsburg’s cash-strapped department turned them down.”

I know where this idea comes from, it comes from the end of a hearing at City Hall, but you can’t quote a clause as a complete sentence, that’s the basic problem with that.

All right, first some duckies from Stow Lake, and then, after the jump, all the deets on why Ortega won the contract.



SFO Departures on Those Rare Days with Midwestern Skies: Hang a Left at the Moon and Your Next Stop is LAX

Friday, November 19th, 2010

When we get those crazy days with Midwestern skies and offshore breezes, SFO traffic control makes your pilot take off to the northeast over the bay instead of to the northwest over “South” San Francisco. That means that airspace over San Francisco proper temporarily sees a lot more traffic.

Like yesterday.

As seen from Civic Center:

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The Crazy Wavy Cloudy Weather of World Series Game 2 – “Looked Like Ghostbusters” – A Painted Sky at 4500 Feet

Friday, October 29th, 2010

This is what our skies looked like during the Second Game of the World Series against Texas last night (and that link has an orange and black pump shot for you foot fetishists / women’s shoe salesmen*).

Here’s the reaction about town:

Allan Hough from Mission Mission tells us that the Environmental Protection Agency Shuts Down Ghost-Busting Operation

Stuart from Caliber SF says That Sky Last Night” “Looked Like Ghostbusters

What do you say?

A lonely airliner at exactly 4000 feet heading towards SFO, just under all the commotion:

From Mervyn’s Heights – Click to expand

Another look:

Look to the Skies for Signs and Wonders

*Those categories overlap more than you might imagine…

The Big Stow Lake Boat House Showdown is Skedded for 2:00 PM on Thursday at City Hall

Monday, August 16th, 2010

Item 7 on the agenda for the August 19, 2010 Special Meeting of the Commission of the  Recreation & Parks Department in Room 416 of City Hall at 2:00 PM will concern the Boat House at Stow Lake.

Now, RPD staff has already made a recommendation about which party desiring to run the boathouse would make the best choice, but don’t let that stop you from making your own decision. Everybody agrees that the building needs a lot of work and everybody agrees on the idea of a new cafe. But some of the parties want to kick in more money than others. Here’s the simple version:

Click to expand

I’ll tell you, the group that the Commission will vote to enter into discussions with, the one that the staff is recommending, is in the second column and the existing tenant is in the third column. Is the staff recommendation such a surprise (based upon how much money each bidder wants to kick in)? Well, it is to the existing tenant, Bruce McLellan. See?

I’m still digesting it. It’s hard to say what happened,” says McCullen. “In our bid we did everything the RFQ wanted. We offered to replace the boat fleet, substantially raise the rent, do upgrades, and planned to open an indoor cafe that would serve organic, locally produced food. Combine that with 65 years of service, and then I lose to an out-of-state bidder.”

All right, well let’s look at what the selection panel had to say. Now, I can’t upload the whole deal myself, as the pdf file is 100KB too big for me to do that, but here it is, 10 MB of info. It spells out why all five people on the selection panel prefer the winner.

Now, here are the members:

Stow Lake Boat House RFQ Selection Panel:

Andrea Jadwin
Ms. Jadwin is Co‐President of the Inner Sunset Park Neighbors, a frequent Golden Gate Park user and a leader within the City’s community gardens program.

Meagan Levitan
Ms. Levitan is a member of the Recreation and Park Department Commission

Gary Rulli
Mr. Rulli is the proprietor of Emporio Rulli, Inc.

Tara Sullivan
Ms. Sullivan is a Legislative Liason for the San Francisco Planning Department. Her duties include staffing the Historic Preservation Commission.

Jim Wheeler
Mr. Wheeler is a Neighborhood Service Area manager for the Recreation and Park Department. He previously oversaw boating operations at the Lake Merritt
Boat House.

And here are your scorecards. The column scales max out at 35, 30, 35, respectfully:

You can argue about this, of course, but I’m thinking if the existing tenant were willing to pony up $300K and the others were only willing to put up less than $25K, then the existing tenant would have stood a much better chance.

And then there’s all this stuff from one of the members of the selection panel – it’s directed towards the existing tenant:

The fact that the winner was from out-of-state was noted by the members and it was a negative factor. But its proposal was strongly favored regardless. The fact that it’s a “foreign” company is already baked into the cake, so to speak. Of course, you could make up your own scorecard and pick your own judges to come up with a different winner. To do that, you’d need to win a mayoral election and you’d need to start appointing some minions.

Anyway, that’s how it stands. These people are scheduled to show up on Thursday. Enjoy.

Some more words from the big pdf plus a taste of some of the vitriol, after the jump