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Professor Matt Gonzalez Teaches at the Free University in the Mission – Lectures Continue ‘Til Tomorrow

Monday, February 7th, 2011

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MG in action over the weekend:

Via Steve Rhodes

Saturday, February 5 | Slingshot Gallery | 890 Valencia St (at 20th)

6:30 PM “Fundamentals of Human Nutrition”

Instructor: TATIANA GRANIK is a physician from Ukraine with expertise in preventive medicine. For the past 7 years she has been working as a nutritional consultant, educating and guiding her clients to their optimal health through diet and nutrition.

7:30 PM “Sister Corita, War Is Happening”

Instructor: DAVID DUCKWORTH will examine the art of Sister Mary Corita (Kent) (1918-1986) in terms of activism against the Vietnam War. He is a visual artist, independent curator, and lecturer.

8:30 PM “Bollywood and Terrorism”


Sunday, February 6 | Viracocha | 998 Valencia St

9-11:00 AM (downstairs at Viracocha) “Restoring San Francisco’s Urban Wildlands”

Instructor: MARTIN HOLDEN is a writer, restoration ecologist, and partner in University Press Books, Berkeley. SHARON BEALS is a Bay Area environmentalist and professional photographer, specializing in native habitats and restoration efforts. Her most recent book, Nest: Fifty Nests and the Birds that Built Them (Chronicle Books) will be in bookstores in May.

11:30-1:30 (downstairs at Viracocha) RE/Search Publications:  V. Vale and Charles Gatewood

V. VALE, publisher of RE/Search Publications and CHARLES GATEWOOD, legendary underground photographer will present and discuss.  The books in the RE/Search library are a constant source of imagination, curiosity and challenge to all preconceived notions of the world. An abiding interest in transgressive lifestyles manifested RE/Search’s best-selling volume Modern Primitives, as well as Modern Pagans and Angry Women.

Presented will be a 25 minute DVD in which Vale explains the conception and growth of the ideas behind “Modern Primitives,” as well as giving a small publishing history of RE/Search. San Francisco photographer Charles Gatewood has been studying and  documenting alternative culture since the mid-1960s. In 1977, Gatewood began collaborating with V. Vale, and he was a major contributor to the Re/Search books Modern Primitives and Modern Pagans.

2-4 PM (downstairs at Viracocha) “Abolishing Corporate Personhood to Create Authentic Democracy”

Instructor: DAVID COBB was the Green Party candidate for President of the United States in 2004. He is currently a national spokesperson for Move To Amend, a national coalition calling for a constitutional amendment to abolish  “Corporate Personhood.”

Philosophy Course Schedule

Monday, February 7 | Viracocha | 998 Valencia St

6-7:45 PM (downstairs at Viracocha) “Marx from Modernity to Postmodernity (labor, time, fantasy)”

SUSAN SHIN HEE PARK will use a Cultural Studies approach to engage students in a discourse about a theoretical topic with immediate socio-political, concrete applications.

8-9:45 PM (downstairs at Viracocha) “John Cage and the Spirit of Dada”

JOHN SMALLEY will examine the life and work of American composer John Cage (1912–1992) in relation to the early 20th-century avant-garde art movement known as Dada.

Tuesday, February 8 | Viracocha | 998 Valencia St

6-7:50 PM (downstairs at Viracocha) “Critical Thinking (Introduction to Logic)”

In this special session of “Critical Thinking,” JORDAN BOHALL andELENA GRANIK will aim to give a thorough understanding of the rudiments of logic.

8-10 PM (downstairs at Viracocha) “Introduction to Nietzsche”

EVAN KARP and ANDREW PAUL NELSON will provide a brief introduction to the life of Friedrich Nietzsche, with a reading of select passages from various works and a special emphasis on Thus Spoke Zarathustra.