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The Masked Bandits of the Golden Gate Park Panhandle: Energetic Raccoon Charges from NoPA to SoPA

Thursday, July 5th, 2012

Look at ‘em go!

This thing was just a blur shooting by in the dark – I wasn’t sure what it was.

I prefer my critters less squirrelly, like the nice raccoons you’ll find in this outstanding capture from Plomomedia’s Flickr Photostream.



Anyway, I’ve never before seen a raccoon running through the Panhandle…

Giant, Inchoate, Golden Gate Park Panhandle Tree Swing – What’s It For? Who Did This?

Monday, June 25th, 2012

How long are these ropes? Like 50 feet each?

South of NoPA and west of EaPA and North of SoPA:

Click to expand

What’s the game? Do you climb up this huge tree and then slither down the ropes and then tie on a board and then start swinging?

Boy, I’d like to see that…

You Can Do/ Anything

“PEPSI Oak Fair Market Food & Liquor” – Boy Stands on a Ladder to Support a Tree – Your Fake Banksy of the Month

Wednesday, July 13th, 2011

Oh, due diligence reveals that I’m little late to this dance.

Anyway here’s what you can see these days at Fell and Scott in the EaPA – south of NoPA and north of SoPA:

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From a distance, it looks like a real tree.

To me.

Hilarious: Yahoo Maps Calls the Outer Sunset the “Outset” and the Inner Sunset, Wait for It, the “Inset”

Wednesday, October 13th, 2010

Somebody at Yahoo! Local Maps must have a sense of humor ’cause they’re calling Inner Sunset the “Inset” and the Outer Sunset the “Outset.”


At the outset, I’ll tell you that this image is not inset:

Click to expand

I don’t know, Inset is a pretty good thing to be called, I guess:

 “a place where something flows in

“Something” could be knowledge, or fog, stuff like that.

And Outset, that’s pretty good too:

 “a start; beginning

Like if you’re starting a cross-country journey, or moving into a halfway house, stuff like that.

So, good on you, Yahoo.

And they also have some other new / funny / inventive names in San Francisco proper, like North Panhandle and stuff, but there’s no East Panhandle (EaPA*) or South Panhandle (SoPA**). Yet.

(And what about InMond for the Inner Richmond and OuMond (OW-MOND) for the Outer Richmond? Maybe someday…)

Anyway, Inset and Outset: Learn It, Know It, Live It.

*I’ll cop to making this one up, but someday DMV Hollow Adjacent will get it’s own moniker.

** There are people who actually use this term. Srlsy.

I Sure Hope Captain Chesley Sully Sullenberger Gets Paid for this Ad that the Examiner Runs All the Time

Monday, October 4th, 2010

But it could be that he don’t get nothing, owing to the fact that this is a news photo, right? I don’t know.

The floating Airbuses of the Hudson tidal estuary:

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Oh, I just looked up what VALUES.COMThe Foundation for a Better Life is all about. O.K. fine. (Actually, I thought it was going to be like the E-Harmony dating service or something. Srsly.)

It turns out to be yet another lecture from Colorado, of all places, to San Francisco about, of all things, “values.”

(Click on the links and you’ll see how San Francisco’s very own C. Montgomery Burns imposes his values on the 415 from afar.) 

(And I’ll spare you the deets about how you, or if you prefer, the Federal Treasury, same thing, pay for half of whatever this 501(c)(3) VALUES entity does.)

O.K. fine.

Free-flowing booze, nudity, DoOds kissing DoOds, freak flag-flying, fun in the sun – all from back before some billionaire, the A in AEG, bought the Bay to Breakers event and those NIMBY millionaires moved into greater Western Addition (aka Hayes Valley, Alamo Square, the NoPA, the EaPA, the SoPA, the DivCo, etc…)

Slender Northern European Family Baffled by Panhandle Bike Path – Which Way To Go?

Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010

You can easily ride your rented bicycle from dolphin-rich Ocean Beach all the way to the Eastern Terminus of the Panhandle Bike Path at Fell and Baker without getting lost – you don’t even need a map. But then what? How do you connect to the vaunted Wiggle Bike Route to get to the back of the Church Street Safeway and then Market ?

It’s hard to know which way to go when you’re mired in the EaPA, you know, south of NoPA and north of SoPA

Now, you’re supposed to just jink over to Oak and then hang a rightie at Scott and then follow the Wiggle but that’s not obvious, not at all.

Blond + Blonde = More Blondies, or hh + hh = hh. It’s genetic law:

Click to expand

Of course there’s plenty of room for bikes on the left side of busy Oak Street, so why don’t we restripe Oak for a few blocks from Baker to Scott to allow for a superwide lane on the right side? Then we could throw up some signs directing people to the relatively flat way home and be confident that we’ve done things right?

Just sayin’… 

*Also known as Lower Haight and also known as S’OAK (South of OAK, I’m seriously).