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Unrest in the “Sunshine Belt” – The Plan to Rename Valencia Street “South Market” Street, From Back in 1935

Wednesday, May 25th, 2011

Is there any group of people more short-sighted than San Francisco’s always-up-in-arms small-time bidnessmen and bidnesswomen? (Why yes the Supervisors who sometimes do their bidding.)

Anywho, somehow, back in the day, a crazy idea to rename one of the Streets of San Francisco was not put into action, so that’s why we call Valencia Street Valencia Street today.

Check it:

Click to expand. Via Eric Fischer Hey, you know how much money we give away for crappy public art that nobody likes except the “artist” who made $$$$ making the public art? We ought to give some of that to Eric Fischer just so we are assured that he keeps up his efforts. Or we could give him 100K a year, cheaper than a meter maid but so much more valuable…