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OMG, Social Deals Have Come to Mid-Market: Get 50% Off to Try Out the Passion Cafe on 6th Near Market

Thursday, July 21st, 2011

Your Passion Cafe is making a go of it in the Mid-Market.

Proof of that is today’s LivingSocial deal: Pay $10 now to get $20 worth of food and drink.


Here’s the bar upstairs, from when I snuck up there during a weekend morning political fundraiser back in the day.

Imagine yourself having suds on the roof.

And if you don’t want to do this deal, ask about their Theatre Specials – the current one involves Billy Elliot at the Orpheum

All right, see you on 6th Street, right near Taco’s Sandwiches.

Jerry Brown Throws Down: Midas Auto Shop Franchisee Spanked Hard for Bait and Switch

Monday, January 25th, 2010

California Attorney General Jerry Brown can’t abide car repair shop owners who rip you off for unnecessary work. News comes this morning about a judge in Alameda County who signed off on a: 

$1.8 million settlement that prevents Maurice Irving Glad (aka Mike Glad), owner of 22 Midas auto shops throughout California, from owning or operating an auto repair shop in the state, after the franchisee “deceptively lured” customers with cheap brake specials and then charged hundreds of dollars for unnecessary repairs.”

Now what do you suppose Mike did with some of that ill-gotten booty? Well, he traveled the world, natch, but he also produced an Academy Award-nominated documentary (narrated by Edward James Olmos!) called Recycled Life. (So all those people in the East Bay and the South Bay who thought they were just fixing their cars actually were financing the Hollywood dream factory by paying an average of $268 more than they should have….)

Anyway, get the deets below to see how our California Bureau of Automotive Repair does sting operations. And get the other side of the story from Mike’s mouthpiece via Henry K. Lee right here.

El Protector De La Gente, Jerry Brown:

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