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Halloween in the Castro 2011 a Huge Success – City Defies City Family, Shows Up in Costume Despite the Official Ban

Tuesday, November 1st, 2011

[UPDATE: Appears as if the City Family actually fought back against the revelers with water trucks. So much for the “zero tolerance” edict from Police Chief Greg Suhr. Anyway, look for Halloween in the Castro 2012 to be twice as big. You’ll see…]

To review, here’s the official word from San Francisco’s Gay Goebbels, “City Family” Minister of Propaganda David Perry, about Halloween in the Castro 2011:


“…Staying Home for Halloween is the ‘in’ thing to do…”

And here’s the same message from a local media outfit, you know, the one owned by gay-hating, evolution-unbelieving Republican Philip Anschutz:

“Halloween bash in San Francisco’s Castro won’t rise from dead this year”

But nevertheless, cool people got dressed up and headed to the Castro last night (pants not necessarily required), just like back in the day.

Like these people waiting for the 24 Divisadero bus yesterday evening:

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Actually, the Castro was hopping. Via Owenchristoff:

Fun Halloween! Castro was a zoo. Glad to be back in the quiet Richmond dist.”

Bay Citizen writer Scott James brought it all home for us last night:

Official party? Nope. Who cares. Crowds converging now on San Francisco’s Castro for Halloween”

And there’s this, from NilesHD:

“Although there’s no official San Francisco Halloween anymore in the Castro, that’s where most people go to celebrate Halloween !!”

Now the way to explain this is by noting that the City Family doesn’t really benefit from people going to the Castro district on Halloween, so it suppresses turnout by lying to people.


(If Halloween were an event that the City Family cared about, then things would be much different. It’d be more like the sitch with the America’s Cup 2013, you know, Rich People Like Boats, so it’s full speed ahead with AC13. Oh well.)

Now what’s this, is it the campaign of, speak of the Devil, quasi-City Family member David Chiu on the streets of the Castro last night?


And they weren’t alone, of course:

Via Luxomedia

Happy Halloween 2011, San Francisco.

See you next year!

The Best Part of a Dreaded Sunny Day is Feeling the Cool, Cool Water of RPD’s Panhandle Bike Path Sprinklers

Thursday, March 31st, 2011

These jets of water pop up whenever and wherever, aimed right at the cyclists and peds on the Panhandle Bike Path.

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Thanks, RPD!

Park and Rec Department Steps Up Campaign to Wetten Users of Panhandle Bike Path

Wednesday, June 9th, 2010

The best part about the Park and Rec Department’s renewed campaign to punish users of the Panhandle bike path for no good reason is when cyclists get hit from all angles unexpectly.

T’pau! Right in the kisser!

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That will learn people not to ride their bikes on the bike path on those dreaded sunny days

Lawn Sprinklers Provide Sweet Relief to Overheated Cyclists in the Pandhandle

Wednesday, April 22nd, 2009

Hot weather made Golden Gate Park panhandle bike path users cheer as they got sprayed yesterday.

That’s much better than getting sprayed at night, the way it happened last winter.


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