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Is Sunday Streets Just a Front for Livable City, Whatever That Is? Sure Looks That Way.

Sunday, July 24th, 2011

[UPDATE: Appears as if is no more, as of today, July 25th, 2011. Was it something I said? Perhaps. Was this account authored by a robot? Was there some profit to be had by somebody somehow, like some donations via a so-called secure website? I don’t know. It’s a mystery to me.]

[UPDATE II, 7-28-2011: The bogus account came back under a new name. One imagines that Twitter will be deleting it, all 76,000 entries of it, post-haste.]

I suppose there’s nothing holding back anybody from Tweeting as much as physically possible, you know, like if somebody challenged you to see how many four-word Tweets you could broadcast in five minutes, something like that.

As here, where SFSundayStreets chose a Sunday evening to just go Twitter crazy.

And for what purpose? To get donations for Livable City? (How much would you pay for more joy in your life?)

But it turns out that joy involves a NIMBYish attention to details, like telling bidness how tall their ceilings should be. And how to store nighttime security grates.

Security gates or shutters for closed stores should be open grillework rather than solid metal, and should fold away from view when the stores are open. High ceilings on non-residential ground floors create attractive, light-filled spaces that can accommodate a variety of uses. They also lift the first residential floor a few feet further from the street, which makes that housing more livable. Ground floor ceiling heights of around 14′ should be required for non-residential uses…”

Why is Sunday Streets connected with this kind of effort?

Don’t know.

Anyway, step one is to delete SFSundayStreets from my overloaded Twitter. Guess I’ll make do with plain old!/SundayStreets, which manages to get by with couple hundred Tweets per year (as opposed to 76k(!).)

Why there should be both a SundayStreets and a SFSundayStreets on the Twitter to promote the same series of events, well, that eludes me. Oh well.

All right, adios, SFSundayStreets and your 200 Tweet per hour bursts.