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The Great Jellyfish Invasion of 2010 Has Begun – Thousands and Thousands Strewn About Ocean Beach

Saturday, November 13th, 2010

These things are about the size of a Star Trek neural parasite / face hugger so you can’t miss them right now. They’re taking up a about a half-mile of Ocean Beach betwixt Lawton and Pacheco.

The Ocean Beach Bulletin, News and Opinion from San Francisco’s Western Edge, has all the deets plus some photos.

Like this one:

Ocean Beach Bulletin – click to expand


Jerry Brown Throws Down: Midas Auto Shop Franchisee Spanked Hard for Bait and Switch

Monday, January 25th, 2010

California Attorney General Jerry Brown can’t abide car repair shop owners who rip you off for unnecessary work. News comes this morning about a judge in Alameda County who signed off on a: 

$1.8 million settlement that prevents Maurice Irving Glad (aka Mike Glad), owner of 22 Midas auto shops throughout California, from owning or operating an auto repair shop in the state, after the franchisee “deceptively lured” customers with cheap brake specials and then charged hundreds of dollars for unnecessary repairs.”

Now what do you suppose Mike did with some of that ill-gotten booty? Well, he traveled the world, natch, but he also produced an Academy Award-nominated documentary (narrated by Edward James Olmos!) called Recycled Life. (So all those people in the East Bay and the South Bay who thought they were just fixing their cars actually were financing the Hollywood dream factory by paying an average of $268 more than they should have….)

Anyway, get the deets below to see how our California Bureau of Automotive Repair does sting operations. And get the other side of the story from Mike’s mouthpiece via Henry K. Lee right here.

El Protector De La Gente, Jerry Brown:

Read all about it, after the jump


Arrest #49 for Local Burglar – Baited Car in Golden Gate Park Proves Irresistable

Friday, July 31st, 2009

What items tempt you the most when you scan parked cars for Objects in Plain View  – would it be a laptop computer, an iPod, maybe a backpack? Well, be careful, cause when the SFPD baits cars for sting operations in Golden Gate Park, they sometimes use all three. (It’s almost like entrapment, or something. So tempting these parcels are, next thing you know, it’s smashy smashy!)

From the Richmond District Blog comes a sneak peek of Richmond Station Police Captain Richard Corriea‘s next weekly update for the Richmond District Police Community Police Forum. Read an entire entry below.

Is this a parking lot, a freeway, or Golden Gate Park‘s MLK Drive near the Inner Sunset on a recent Friday? Click to expand:

IMG_7201 copy

Yes, it’s MLK near the Friend Gate of Strybing Arboretum. Perhaps the cars huddle together for safety?

Here’s why:

“On July 25, 2009 Richmond [District] officers working in plain clothes staked out a car at Middle Drive and Bowling Green Drive in Golden Gate Park. There were several items of value in the car, including, a backpack, computer and an IPOD. The officers knew from experience that an auto burglar would find the car an appealing target. Indeed, several hours into the stakeout an individual burglarized the car, and he was immediately arrested. A subsequent search of the suspect turned up evidence from a theft committed nearby earlier in the day and narcotics. The suspect, who has been arrested forty-nine times, including thirty-one times for felonies, was booked for burglary, possession of stolen property, theft and a narcotics violation. This individual is likely responsible for several auto burglaries daily.”

How many car windows do you have to break to get a rap sheet this long – hundreds, thousands?

On It Goes…

Craigslist Strikes Back Against the Sheriff of Cook County, Illinois

Saturday, March 7th, 2009

Illinois Sheriff Tom Dart‘s ridiculous lawsuit against craigslist inspired a press release today from craigslist CEO Jim Buckmaster. Read it below.

While the the lawsuit from Thomas Dart, Esq. was getting laughed at across the country, founder Craig Newmark himself found time to note the issue on his personal blog. On it goes…

The message of day – Craig Newmark is NOT a pimp:

The press release, after the jump:


Chicago Politician Tom Dart vs. Craigslist: Frivolous Lawsuit of the Week

Thursday, March 5th, 2009

What’s the deal with Chicago lawyers filing lawsuits against the Craigslist? Sometimes it seems every problem that Cook County has can be traced to San Francisco’s famous 25-employee private corporation. For example, a few years back the Chicago Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under the Law, Inc. got slapped back by the court system. (Listen to the black box tapes of their lawsuit going down in flames here.) But today brings news of another Midwestern pettifogger going after the CL.

Comes now career politician Tom Dart, who is using his elected position as Sheriff of Cook County to file a ridiculous lawsuit against craigslist over prostitution advertising. Did Chicago prostitutes use other kinds of media before the creation of craigslist? Why yes. And as a matter of fact, the Chicago Reader newspaper (a free weekly like the Bay Guardian and SF Weekly) is making money right now today with erotic services ads (as are the aforementioned Bay Guardian and SF Weekly, of course). Let’s take a look at a few of today’s ads sitting in newsboxes right outside the Sheriff’s office:  

Click to expand.

So what’s the difference between the Chicago Reader and craigslist?

Is Thomas Dart still promoting his craigslist boycott? Good luck with that and all. I mean, that stands a better chance of working than this lawsuit. I mean really, is Craig’s list “a source” of prostitution?

But why would this elected sheriff/lawyer want to go out of town to pick on cragslist? Perhaps he wins even if/when his lawsuit fails? Anyway, his press conference is starting now, noon Central Standard Time. Let’s give him a chance to make his case and pretend it has a ghost of a chance of succeeding.

Make sure to pay attention to him – he really enjoys all the attention.

UPDATE: Valleywag just posted a bit along the same vein.

UPDATE #2: Per Mr. Dart, craigslist is not passive, but is actually “actively involved” with prostitution.

Like this? Artist’s conception of how Mr. Dart views Craig Newmark, founder of Craigslist:

How far will Mr. Dart, Esq. push this? Will he end up getting sanctioned by the courts?

Stay tuned.

Why Doesn’t the Richmond’s Killer Geary Boulevard Have More Traffic Lights?

Thursday, February 19th, 2009

See this pedestrian in red in the middle of Geary Boulevard in the Richmond District? She just came halfway across from the left and it sure looks like she’s fixing to make it the rest of the way on 22nd Avenue to the southern side of the street.

Let’s say you’re the driver, perhaps in a first person shooter video game or whatever, what do you do here? SFPD Richmond Station Captain Richard Corriea has his troops fired up about traffic safety, so this could be another sting operation using an undercover babushka lady or pink bag mafiosa as bait. Therefore, you gots to yield to let her across. But what happens then?

Click to expand, it’s fun to play along:

What happens then is that inbound traffic in the slow lane (seen on the right) doesn’t stop. Zing, zing, zing they go past. Unseen is the Steven Fowler-type behind you in a BMW (it’s always a BMW, which model does Fowler probably have by the way, M5, M3, X5? something like that) laying on his horn because you, the idiot driver ahead of him, doesn’t know how to drive.

Should you go forward as well? That’s a failure to yield moving violation right there, but by waiting for her are you encouraging her to do something dangerous, like crossing the damn street in the Richmond, the biggest danger, by far, in her life?

On it goes for half a minute, the pedestrian waits for the three-series  behind you to catapult launch around you up the slow lane and then the ped makes it across.

This is insanity. Shouldn’t this be an electronically-controlled intersection with traffic lights instead of just a couple of stop signs for cross traffic? Why aren’t there traffic lights and countdown pedestrain signals for the whole of Geary Boulevard in the Richmond all the way up to Avenue 30 or 40 or something?

Money? We can’t afford it? Geary Boulevard is too wide and too busy for this kind of half-assed, a couple of stop signs are good enough, we’ll repaint those crosswalk lines when we feel like it attitude.

Who will be the next to die?

San Francisco Resident/Astronaut Scares the World – Global Cooling, A New Ice Age?

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2008

It seems there’s a little black spot on the sun today. It’s the same old thing as yesterday.

That’s very disconcerting to San Francisco resident Phil Chapman, a geophysicist who was the first Australian to become a NASA astronaut. You see, we need more of those little spots on El Sol so things don’t get too frosty. He actually wants you to pray for more sunspots.

That’s right, forget global warming – an ice age is coming and the only question is when it will get here.

Hang in there little doggy, there’s a chance Philip K Chapman is wrong.

Do you buy all that?