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Light Brown Apple Moth Spraying Cancelled by California Department of Food and Ag

Thursday, June 19th, 2008

The California Department of Food and Agriculture called it quits today on the issue of spraying for the Light Brown Apple Moth. All of a sudden like.


The family that Stops the Spray together, stays together (or something like that).

This should be gratifying to Senator Carole Migden, who thinks, “Bay Area residents ought not to serve as guinea pigs and have their health jeopardized for an ill-conceived program and an unproven approach.” 

The same with San Francisco City Attorney Dennis Herrera, who says he’s, “glad CDFA appears to have accepted the inevitable.”

So after all these months, that is that.

Senator Carole Migden is Fighting that Apple Moth Spraying Tooth and Nail.

Monday, June 2nd, 2008

Here was Senator Carole Migden over the weekend, braving the cold along with about 150 folks who are dead set against the planned spraying against the Light Brown Apple Moth and the people of the bay area.

Read all about it.

Biggest Crowd Yet in San Francisco Shows Up For LBAM Spray Town Hall Meeting.

Friday, May 9th, 2008

The bandwagon opposing aerial spraying for light brown apple moth eradication is gaining momentum.

Last night, San Francisco Supervisors Carmen Chu, Gerardo Sandoval, and Ross Mirkarimi, along with scientists, physicians and organic farmers, all addressed a standing-room-only crowd of hundreds at the Hall of Flowers in Strybing Arboretum.


Senator Carole Migden praises the efforts of the assembled experts.

In related news, the “twist-tie” approach is under new scrutiny in San Mateo County

On it goes. Per the Chronicle:

On Saturday, Stop the Spray Marin is holding a march and rally from 9:30 a.m. to noon at the southwest end of the Corte Madera Town Center. More information about the events is at and

It’s hard to imagine light aircraft buzzing the city with spray canisters firing after seeing all this agitation, but who knows…

Tiny Moppets Will Say Anything to Stop LBAM Spraying in San Francisco

Tuesday, April 29th, 2008

San Francisco had a large rally yesterday on the steps of City Hall, sponsored by Play Not Spray. Kids and their parents aren’t satisfied with Governor Arnold Schwazenegger’s delay of Light Brown Apple Moth spraying in the Bay Area – they want the whole shebang cancelled.

It seems the majority of people in San Francisco would prefer to deal with the LBAM itself rather than with the effects of eradication. Many feel the cure is worse than the disease.

(Another benefit of cancelling eradication is that indescribable videos like this will stop getting made.)

To Be Continued…

You don’t need to Say Anything to get your point across about LBAM spraying: