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Desperate Union Street Landlords Open to Any Offers – Rise of the “Pop Up Stores”

Wednesday, November 4th, 2009

Oh, Union Street, will you ever win? You’re chock-a-block full of meddlesome NIMBYs, hard-partying post-collegiates and empty storefronts. Oh well.

But there’s hope for the commercial landlords – it’s called the pop up shop. Why not allow a tenant to open up for a month or two for a few bucks? That’s better than the no bucks you’ve been making recently during the Great Recession. It’s POP UP RETAIL, BABY!

So, from this, right next to the Crepes a Go Go

union copy

to this:

popupshop copy

OMG, it’s the Sikara & Co. Jewelry Pop-Up Store! It just opened, but don’t fall in love with it – it’s closing next month.

(And for you non pop-up retailers, it’s super easy to renegotiate your rent these days. Those landlords are taking any offer, any offer at all.)

Anyway, here are the deets:

Sikara & Co. Jewelry Pop-Up Store Opens on Union Street

Sikara & Co., an internationally inspired modern fusion jewelry company makes Union Street in San Francisco its new home as a “pop-up” shop.

The pop-up style store front is one of the newest trends to emerge in retail.  “This style of store front allows us to open a temporary store in San Francisco and market test our collections as we roll them out nationally; we are very excited to be one of the first pop-up stores in the city,” said Mousumi Shaw, Founder and Creative Director.

They go on and on – see you after the jump!