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What Does RPD Burn in Golden Gate Park? – Is All This Smoke From Wood, Leaves, or Trash?

Thursday, January 15th, 2015

In my thoughts I have seen, Rings of smoke through the trees, but IRL I seen RPD making mad smoke by burning stuff in a wooded area east of the Conservatory of Flowers:

7J7C0152 copy

From this chimney:

7J7C0157 copy


7J7C0158 copy

So, RPD burns stuff in Golden Gate Park? Didn’t know that.

The Urban Campers of Haight Ashbury, San Francisco

Tuesday, March 24th, 2009

The three youths here sleeping through mid-morning rain in the Upper Haight area typify some of the homeless of San Francisco. These Alexander Supertramps carry backpacks and sleeping bags, just like campers at a national park.

Three teens at Clayton and Page, just two blocks away from the landmark Ben and Jerry’s: Click to expand:

And here’s the remnants of a campground kitchen in the nearby Golden Gate Park Panhandle:

And here are your facilities (trucked in all the way from Kentucky) – it’s the Panhandle bathroom near Ashbury Street. It looks just like what some Yosemite Park campers get.

So that’s Urban Camping as practiced by the youths of Hashbury.