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OMG, More Owls! The Best Photograph You’ll See of the Famous Great Horned Owl Family of Stow Lake

Wednesday, April 13th, 2011

Area photographer Glenn Nevill‘s shots of our famous Great Horned Owl Family at Stow Lake are amazing.

And he sells blow-ups of his nature photos and everything so be sure to check out his site.

Here’s a nice one:

Click to expand – Via Glenn Nevill

Bon courage, owls.

OMG, OWLS! The Celebrated Standing Owlet of San Francisco County: Our Great Horned Owl Family at Stow Lake

Monday, April 11th, 2011

In compliance with the request of a friend of mine who wrote me from the East, I ascended Stow Lake’s Strawberry Hill* the other day to photograph with my iPhone** the Famous Great Horned Owl Family of Stow Lake 2011.


That’s the baby mama on the left, the oldest owlet on the right and the other three chicks inbetwixt:

Click to expand

Oh, what’s that, you want to see some good photos instead? Well how about this one from Glenn Nevill’s 500mm 4.0? Or this set from Mark Brunig? And here’s the TowheeBlog.

Now, I thought that the existences of dees boids was spr skrt but once something hits the ‘Xam, you can’t call it that anymore. So, go up to the waterfall level and then head to the northwest. The dead branch on the crazy tree points to the nest:

O.K., Bon Courage, owls!

*Did Strawberry Hill get its name before it became an island? I think so. It must have, actually.

**Just kidding – I’d never buy an iPhone. But thanks for waiting in line and paying $600 and an extra $30 a month to T and putting up with T’s spotty coverage over the years. My 4G Samsung’s all the better for it, early adopter.