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Just How Bad is the Newspaper Situation in San Francisco?

Thursday, May 1st, 2008

To find out, let’s hear from Jordan Kobert, former Strategic Operations Manager of the San Francisco Chronicle. After getting numerous phone calls to get him to sign up for six months of home delivery, he talked with a salesperson and then rejected the idea:

Less than a dime a day and I said no.

Did I mention I used to work at the Chronicle…”

That’s got to hurt. Apparently, the folks selling subscriptions are wheeling and dealing, so you can get it for less than a dollar a week. They might even let you name your own price and they might even throw you a $10 Target gift card.

It’s quite obvious the Chronicle, like the free San Francisco Examiner, gets a great deal of value from your eyeballs reading their ads reliably on a daily or almost daily basis. Maybe this is a good deal  for you?

Which job is lonelier – shilling for the New York Times or the San Francisco Chronicle? Tough call.  


Loneliest Job in the World – Selling Subscriptions to the New York Times

Monday, April 21st, 2008

This salesman shilling subscriptions to the actual dead tree paper version of the New York Times didn’t seem to get much traction during an otherwise bustling street fair in San Francisco over the weekend.

Something like 75% off and free New York Mets swag wasn’t enough to tempt the typical passerby. Perhaps if he could promise that a fetching scooter rider, such as this one, would deliver the paper each day, things would be different…

Cue tumbleweeds.


Who is to blame for the decline of newspapers? Is it San Francisco’s very own Craig Newmark and his feisty CEO buddy Jim Buckmaster? Well, you old-school newsies should be tickled pink to hear that the people behind craigslist are now worried about being taken over by eBay.

Not much consolation, but there it is.