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Sunday Streets Great Highway & Golden Gate Park a Huge Success for 2011 – Dogs, Dancing, Davids, Dudes and Dune Rolling

Sunday, July 10th, 2011

Sunday Streets Great Highway 2011 II on July 10 worked out all right, with generally sunny skies in the east and generally cloudy skies in the west.

Although some, like The Tender found today’s event in the West Bay sad:

Sunday Streets at Golden Gate Park & the Great Highway was a bit sad – foggy, windy, not many people… Also:

Didn’t seem like a whole bunch of people this go around, but oh well.

Dog #1:

Dog #2:

Dancing – Lindy in the Park:

David #1, Chiu to be precise – he’s running for Mayor or something. (D.C. won the Mayoral race today, Sundays Streetswise. Saw some people from the Dennis Herrera and John Avalos campaigns as well.) That’s famous Public Bikes Founder Dan Nguyen-Tan‘s famous orange Funcycle in there – it seats seven:

David #2, Onek to be precise – he’s running for District Attorney or something:

Dude #1, It’s Mark Lukach (plus Dog #3) repping the always-reliable Ocean Beach Bulletin. OBB in the Hizzy:

And Dude #2, piloting the Famous 415 Quadricycle:

Dune Rolling:

AT&T sent its youngest employees to hand out shopping bags. They were gathering pro-utility box petitions for U-Verse / LightSpeed, I think:

But life went on in the West Bay regardless. So the Beach Chalet was serving a full house:

And the surfers were surfing. “00:43:17 Look at that. Breaks both ways. Watch. Watch. 00:43:20 Look! Good six-foot swells!”

And the Segwayers were Segwaying:


Sunday Streets Great Highway 2010 II a Huge Success – No Rain or Fog This Go Around

Sunday, August 22nd, 2010

Sunday Streets Great Highwat 2010 I got rained out earlier in the year, mas o menos, but today’s Sunday Streets Great Highway 2010 II Electric Boogaloo was a smash success with nice weather.

Check out the action at the Richmond District Blog.

See? Riding sidesaddle with a cowboy on a massive loudspeaker on a trike on the Great Highway – who needs Burning Man?

Click to expand

 Here’s JFK Jr. Drive in Golden Gate Park…

…and here’s the Great Highway:

The start of your day should have been at the California Academy of Sciences, where the Clif Bar people showed they know the meaning of the word swag

…but most of the action of this Sunday Streets was at Lincoln and Great Highway. There were lots of participants there, including crews from Lombardi’s Sports and the Sports Basement, fixing up bikes for free. After ten minutes, my disc brakes became better than new. Thanks Sports Basement!

But you people, you love your conflict, so how about this clusterfluck (there were other people involved, about dozen in the area all told) near the Beach Chalet? It was all about letting drivers park in the restaurant lot. Tensions seemed pretty high for a pretty long time over this small issue. One of the PCOs on station called the SFPD a bout some dude in an SUV going to either the Park Chalet or the Beach Chalet restaurant, but the cops didn’t see what the problem was. Anyway, it looks like this whole restaurant access issue could have been handled more smoothly: 

And here’s part of the north-south traffic diverted from the Great Highway. Chain of Lakes Drive East was like a parking lot for a while:

Dude was complimented on his “half-penny” ride. Or penny farthing, some people call them that:  

Full-on goggles might be more apropo, non?

Anyway, I’m still waiting to see my first boneshaker myself. (Makers, get making one those, why not?)

And here’s the King of Cyclists:

This is your view of Ocean Beach from the Great Highway:

Surfers on the GH are all right…

…but horses might not be. Dog people have to pick up dog-do, so why don’t horse people have to pick up horse-do? Oh well:

Electric skateboard:

Not sure what this guy was up to with the parasail:

The Bixi bike people were there, but so was a crew from Alta Bicycle Share. So, consider them the front-runners for the job of running San Francisco’s bike-share program: 

Oh, and somebody was handing out Israeli balloons:

And these bird watchers were happy:

And oh, the Dutch Windmill was windmilling. See? (The last time I saw this thing spinning was the somewhat foggy Sunday Streets Ocean Beach 2009.)

 So that’s your Sunday Streets Great Highway 2010 II.

See you next year!

Why Does San Francisco Even Try to Have Sunday Streets in the Rain?

Sunday, April 11th, 2010

Is there a law that says Sunday Streets can never be cancelled or postponed? Apparently:

”’As they say, the show must go on,”’ said Susan King, an organizer of the event.”

O.K., I’ll bite. Why must the show go on?

Anyway, check out what SS exhibitor Renee Lazear thinks:

“Maybe Sunday Streets would consider having another event in April or May since it was such an awful day (not fun riding/walking in the rain, cold & wind) and sounds like many who were exhibiting, including myself decided to cancel.”

Wasn’t it obvious that we’d have rain all during the planned Sunday Streets today?

This skateboard-equipped nuclear family made a go of it for about five minutes today.

Oh well.  Look forward to other SSes in 2010.

CUNX Sunday:

April 18 – Bayview

May 23 – Bayview

June 20 – Mission

July 11 – Mission

August 22 – Great Highway, Golden Gate Park

September 19 – Western Addition

October 24 – Civic Center, Tenderloin