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Word on the Street: Longer Lines at JapaCurry on Mission near Second, Saner Lines (Now With Cones!) at Sushiritto

Friday, February 11th, 2011

Item One. Now I’ll tell you, the Great Second Street Food Fight has cooled down ever since Wednesday last week when a certain Stanford MBA wisely decided to stop her direct action campaign against the legal competition.* That means that Japacurry has been able to develop a following.

And that means that passersby just stop and gape and whip out their cell phones for mad photos before getting in line. It’s quite a phenomenon, actually.

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Owner Jay Hamada and his crew are still not exercising their right to sell on Second Street on Mondays and Tuesdays – we’ll just have to see how this one works out.

Item Two. Cones! Cones have come to the doorway of the Crunch Fitness on New Monty. See how they work?

The big cones and small cones have meanings. There are rules, dig? You’ll learn them while you wait and wait and wait in line.

It’s all too real, baby:

*The campaign against Japacurry and others continues, however. A bricks-and-mortar-owning ringleader is going around to all the lunch joints in the area to marshal support in a campaign against food trucks “poaching” bidness. Afterwards, here what one of the restaurant owners told me: “I do not like this woman. I do not like this smiling woman.” You know, because of the unctuousness. OTOH, this long-time owner doesn’t like Japacurry being in the area neither. On it goes…