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Oh No, Car Driven Into Berkeley’s 4th Street Apple Store This Morning – Smashy Smashy – Here’s a Photo

Friday, May 9th, 2014

Here it is, courtesy of the world’s #1 Apple fan-boy blog:

Oh Apple, will you ever win?

Oh No! Caffe Roma Co-Opts a Parklet on Columbus Avenue: Formerly Public Space is Now For Paying Customers Only

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2011

[UPDATE – “SanFrustration” explicates, regarding some information in the Comments section about there being, in fact, a sign on the parklet concerned saying how it is for the public: “I wish I would have seen that sign when the old white haired guy came out and rudely told me I had to leave. When I questioned him on it, he was adamant that it was their chairs and tables, and made a big deal of waiting for me to pack up my food. Bear in mind, there was only one other person at the 6 or 7 tables there. All the others were empty. This guy came with attitude from the get go that was both uncalled for and misplaced, and had another older guy standing next to him that was supposed to serve as his backup or something? For what its worth, I overheard them talking about cramming more tables and chairs into the space in preparation for an upcoming parade.

O.K. then. Be sure to check SanFrustration’s story in the Comments section. He blames an “older Italian man” for the trouble. Somebody in management, not a waiter. Who could that be?]

[UPDATE II – Now, it’s not my job to file a complaint with “Tony Roma,” the “owner” of the parklet in question, or anybody else. (Mmmm… it’s fun to make up names for ourselves, in’nt? Instead of “Tony Roma” (heh), what about Vitale Venezia, Santino Serrano, or Matteo Milano? You know, something catchy.]

What gives Caffe Roma the right to kick The Public out of the public parklet* at 526 Columbus Avenue?

Absolutely nothing.

I’ll say it again: Absolutely nothing.

And yet, employees of this joint are kicking Il Pubblico out.

Can you imagine?

Let’s read about what happens when a non-customer (let’s use il nome “SanFrustration”) has the temerity to use a public parklet as a public parklet:

“I am writing to express concerns with the way Cafe Roma is handling the public parklet in front of their establishment on Columbus Avenue. As I sat down to enjoy a lunch purchased elsewhere, I was told by Cafe Roma management that I needed to purchase something from them or I’d have to leave. When I explained that I was under the impression this was public space, they said it wasn’t and indicated I was using their table and chair, and thus couldn’t sit there.

When I looked for the public bench in the parklet, I observed that their tables were crowded into this space, making it impossible for anybody to actually use the benches. It was my impression that these parklets were not intended for private enterprise, and I’m very alarmed that they are claiming this area as part of their establishment and not allowing any public usage.”


Does it have to say “PUBLIC PARKLET – ALL SEATING IS OPEN TO THE PUBLIC” in order for these areas to be public? Non so.

This photo shows a different parklet, but I think the rules are the same all over the City. See the words in there, camera left? 

Via Streetsblog – photo: Myleen Hollero/Orange Photography – click to expand

I cry foul. Accuso! Accuso!

Hey Caffe Roma, should you accommodate the public at the public park in front of your business?

Perche no?

I know you’ve paid fees and whatnot, but you didn’t buy the land in fee simple absolute, right?

*Or walklet, as some call them

Reading Comic Books and Sucking Down Coca-Colas in North Beach – Good Times with nettie r. harris and Mikey Baratta

Friday, May 13th, 2011

Not half bad, mikey Baratta PHOTOGRAPHIC, not half bad:

mikey Baratta PHOTOGRAPHIC, click to expand


How Much Street Furniture is Too Much for the Sidewalks of Market Street?

Friday, March 5th, 2010

Part of the problem of having wide, wide sidewalks in San Francisco is when people go and try to fill up the wasted space.

As here, in front of the Hotel Whitcomb on inbound Market near 8th Street. See? Terry Frye’s recent photos seem to show quite a lot of stuff on the red brick. Is Market now a Livable Street or something? Are potted plants required for every public-private partnership to come down the pike?

If this trend keeps up, then San Francisco Honda will run out of room to hawk its wares. I mean, there are only so many red bricks for businesses to put their stuff on out there, right?

This Morning’s Auction at the Presidio Should Prove to be Entertaining

Friday, August 28th, 2009

What’s that? You missed the previews on Tuesday and Wednesday? Well then you missed this:

Auction!!_114 copy

Click to expand

To answer your questions:

No, that’s not Nuetella in the cabinets,

Yes, that is the Hammond C3 organ; and

I have no idea.

What are you waiting for? Put your Rice Krispies down and get on up to the Presidio, why not?

The first hammer drops at 9:00 AM.

Auction at the Presidio this Friday Friday Friday! Clawfoot Bathtubs, Anyone?

Sunday, August 23rd, 2009

You gotta get over to the Presidio to check out all the stuff that’s getting auctioned off this Friday, August 28th, 2009, at 9:00 AM. But before you do that, make sure to drop by Tuesday and Wednesday to get in a nice long sneak peek.

(Just make sure to leave your commercial mapping vehicle at home (looking at you, Google) and you’ll be treated like royalty.)

Look at this! You’ll be just like Morrissey in his tub, clacking away at the typewriter.


Or, kick it new school in a huge hydrotherapy tub:


Looks like IKEA, but it’s built to last, baby:


Show your subs that you care with this stainless steel table, am I right?


And, straight out of Elkhart, Indiana, an official United States Park Service amplifier and pre-amplifier from Crown International, a $400 value (a third of a century ago, anyway). 


See you there!

Auction at the Presidio

Preview August 25 and 26. Live Auction August 28.

View the Gallery of Auction Items

For the first time, the Presidio Trust, in association with the General Services Administration (GSA), will present a live auction of itemssalvaged from Presidio buildings since the U.S. Army’s 1994 departure. As a first step in preparing park buildings for new uses, the Presidio Trust Salvage Department has combed through hundreds of sites, including the former Letterman Hospital, collecting items with remaining value and useful life.

Ranging from the conventional to the eclectic, items for sale include claw-foot bathtubs, tools, antique display cases, stainless steel cabinetry, laboratory casework, machinery, furniture, vintage fixtures, household and industrial lighting, and some extraordinary pieces of custom cabinetry… even a grand piano and a Hammond organ.

Items will be sold both individually and in small lots. Here’s how to participate:

Attend a Preview

A preview of sale items will be held Tuesday and Wednesday, August 25 and 26, from 9 to 1 pm, or by appointment. To schedule an appointment, call (415) 561-4260. The Preview will be held at the Salvage Warehouse, 1243 Appleton Street, in the Presidio. View map.

Join Us at the Live Action

The live auction will be held on Friday, August 28, starting at 9 am at the Herbst International Exhibition Hall at the Presidio, 385 Moraga Avenue. Doors will open, and registration will begin at 8 am. Please bring photo identification and a Tax ID number or Social Security number. View map.

View the Gallery of Auction Items

View a Map of Preview and Auction Locations

Questions? Please call the Presidio Trust at (415) 561-4260.

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