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The Tadich Grill Reopened Today for Lunch, As If the Fire Never Occurred

Tuesday, August 25th, 2009

See? About a dozen or so early birds were knocking on the door of the Tadich Grill this morning, looking for a meaty lunch despite yesterday’s dramatic flue fire. (For some reason, the MSM has this fire at 11:20 AM, but in fact it was on, manifestly, at 11:00 AM.  This particular mistake is trivial, but typical. Once one MSMer makes an error and that error gets past an editor (and why wouldn’t it, really?), it’s as if it were etched in stone, forever unchangeable, enshrined, perpetual. Oh well.)

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What will they have? Today’s updated menu is already posted: 


They’re still serving, so get on over to 240 Cal and check it out, why not?

San Francisco’s Unsinkable Tadich Grill – Set to Open for Lunch after Yesterday’s Fire

Tuesday, August 25th, 2009

This was the scene in the Financial District yesterday as a woodburning stove at the historic Tadich Grill went all haywire and started a smoky fire at 11:00 AM. (Mas o menos, you know it was about a minute either way from 11:00 AM when people started calling 911, certainly not “11:21 AM,” but oh well.)

Check it at news outlet SFist. But, what’s this? The Tadich is re-opening today at 11:00 AM? Well toute le monde will probably show up for lunch based upon the free advertising the fire provided. (Just like at the R&G Lounge after St. Anthony Bourdain’s recent visit. It pays to get free advertising, non?)

It was hard to tell at first how big this fire would get:

IMG_0048 copy

Here’s a close-up through some tinted windows showing the flue fire looking more like a smokeless Olympic Flame:

IMG_0055 copy

And here the interior après le feu. Not bad, huh?

IMG_0060 copy

After a brief closure…

IMG_0065 copy

…the Tadich should be open for business again soon.

IMG_0061 copy

Good luck Tadich Grill!