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DJ Qbert Rides in a Hybrid Lexus, Discovers It’s NOT Telepathic – Rolling Talk Show “Darkcasting” Comes to the 415

Monday, November 15th, 2010

What would it be like if Lexus went to six cities to host a talk show from inside a hybrid sedan and then put the results online?

They’d call it Darkcasting, the Darker Side of Green.


This is a prototype so maybe it didn’t have operational seat belts?

(Not sure how they did the color balance but I’ve never seen San Francisco look so rosy red at night.)

Singer Goapele makes the scene as well.

But Oakland fans, you might want to avert your gaze. You might not appreciate a few of the comments but it all seems to end well enough.

Anyway, you’ll get a chance to own one of these machines halfway through 2011.

Arnold Schwarzenegger to Reveal His Vote for Our Next Governor on the Tonight Show? – Odds are He’ll Say Jerry Brown

Monday, November 8th, 2010

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is using his iPhone 4 to be a little coy with us this afternoon

“Don’t forget to watch The Tonight Show this evening. Major announcement coming.”

Will he us that he voted for Governor-elect Jerry Brown over Meg Whitman? (Whether he did or not – everybody loves a winner, right?)

But what else might he say?

Maybe he’ll tell us why he wears a clock as a watch, how about that?

Toon in tonight!