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The Cloud City of San Francisco, as Seen From Marin County

Tuesday, November 24th, 2009

Marin County is close, but oh so far away.

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Build a Trail, Go to Jail in Marin County, the Home of Mountain Biking

Tuesday, June 17th, 2008

Only in Marin! That’s right, Marin County, the birthplace of mountain biking, and home to nuclear-tipped missiles, endangered deer, and marauding mountain lions (nee cougars), can’t abide you people building your own single-track MTB trails.

Michael Philip More is getting a ten-day jail sentence for illegally building a quarter-mile trail at the end of Robinhood Drive in San Rafael.    

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Approximate path of the trail – the white line is a quarter-mile long

Does Michael More wish there were more singletrack MTB trails in Marin? Given that MTBers are mostly confined to fire roads in Marin County, signs point to yes.

The Villages of San Francisco and Sausalito in California

Thursday, May 1st, 2008

Some people think of Sausalito as a Portuguese fishing village and that’s kind of credible.

This atypical view of San Francisico with Sausalito in the background makes S.F. look a little like a village as well – evidence of Manhattanization is to the left, so all you see is basically the same as what you would have seen in the 1930’s.

Some people would like to construct tall buildings on the waterfront, but there’ll be a lot of fighting before that happens. 


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The Bay Area’s Military History Shown in a Photo

Thursday, April 17th, 2008

In the foreground we see the Presidio’s now-abandoned Public Health Service Hospital (PHSH), site of the old U.S. Marine Hospital and Defense Language Institute.

On the left further back in Marin is Hill 88, former site of Integrated Fire Control facility SF-88C Wolf Ridge that used to house W31 nuclear warheads and Nike Ajax / Nike Hercules defensive missiles

And on the right up high is the West Peak of Mount Tamalpais, former home of Mill Valley Air Force Station.

Not much going on at these places these days.