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Area Cyclist Color Coordinates: Lime Green Helmet, Grips, Brakes, Graphics – Bright Blue Frame, Socks – Tan Tires, Pants

Thursday, April 18th, 2013


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Porcelain White Upstairs But Tan, Tan, Tan Down Below: Your Photoshop Disaster of the Day – From Macy’s!

Thursday, March 10th, 2011

Of course, our local Macy’s isn’t really in the bidness of selling you dresses, ladies, it’s in the bidness of selling fantasy, dreams, or, indeed, “magic.”

But let’s leave that aside as we take a look at today’s ad:

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A bit of a mismatch, it seems.

But as always, You Make The Call. Check out today’s San Francisco Examiner, page 3, IIRC.

The San Francisco Bicycle Coalition Celebrates New Bike Lanes – A Panhandle Victory Lap

Wednesday, December 2nd, 2009

Well, we’re still waiting for the green paint to go down, but we got plenty of white paint on San Francisco city streets yesterday. It all has to do with the partial lifting of the Bicycle Plan injunction.

Anyway, the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition (ask them about Winterfest on December 6th) had an after-party near Duboce Park last night, and when they finished up, some of them decided to test out the new bike lanes in a racous after-hours ride.

As here, on Scott Street. See the new Wiggle Bike Route icon? That’s fresh paint. Click to expand:


Here’s Leah Shahum and Andy Thornley in the vanguard:


And here’s the caboose – a seven-person bike piloted by Director Dan Nguyen-Tan


On Scott crossing Oak:


And onto the dark Panhandle Bike Path for a Victory Lap around the park:


San Francisco Embraces the New San Francisco Chronicle

Sunday, February 15th, 2009

How can you tell that San Francisco embraces the new look San Francisco Chronicle? Easily, just by seeing that the taggers and sticker artists of the Western Addition are already eyeing the new tannish vending racks much as other artists would look upon an blank canvas.

Seeing as how I haven’t purchased a newspaper (or pre-recorded CD, pre-recorded DVD, or any kind of Blu-Ray disc) so far this millennium, I don’t know any difference. But the dead-tree readers surely do, and they must appreciate the quite modest price increase of just 50 cents more, Sundays only.  

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Speaking of which, some have taken to scratching off the new $2.00 Sunday stickers. Bad form. That must lead to consternation.

Will the new digital press make much of a difference?

Stay tuned…