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For Some Reason, About 10% of the USAF’s Remaining KC-10 EXTENDER Aerial Refueling Tankers Flew Over the Golden Gate Bridge Yesterday

Monday, August 28th, 2017

One after the other.

Here’s one coming:

7J7C8453 copy

And another one over the Golden Gate, this one, #60031:

7J7C8455 copy

And another one leaving, passing over the Presidio, last seen heading east:

7J7C8463 copy

I saw five myself.

The KC-10 has worked out all right considering the record of its civilian counterparts in the DC-10 / MD-11 family.

The Air Force considered retiring its fleet of KC-10 tankers in response to sequestration budget cuts as part of the service’s FY 2015 budget. A “vertical chop” to divest all KC-10s was suggested because there are fewer KC-10s than KC-135s, having three different tanker models in service (after the introduction of the KC-46) would be costly, and a “horizontal cut” across the refueling fleets would achieve small efficiencies.[20] Some believed retiring the KC-10 would not benefit the Air Force, given that it is equipped with both boom and hose-and-drogue refueling systems and the fleet’s relatively young age.[21] At first, officials claimed that the initial focus on retiring the KC-10 in September 2013 was a “trial balloon” to call attention to Air Force operating cost issues; as of early 2013, the KC-10 had a per hour flying cost of $21,170 and a mission capable rate of 87 percent.[22] A FY 2015 budget plan did not include cuts to the KC-10.[23]

Anyway, I’ve never seen anything like this.

Busy Frisco, Ships Everywhere – Tanker, Container, Container

Wednesday, January 11th, 2017

GO8F3081a (1)

Post #5000 (Whew): Know Your Land’s End Shipwrecks of 1922 – Chevron’s SS Lyman Stewart – Engine Block at Low Tide

Tuesday, October 4th, 2011

This is all that’s left of SS Lyman Stewart – you can see its three cylinder steam engine from Land’s End at low tide.

The first cylinder is 75 inches in diameter and the second and third are 45 and 26.5:

Click to expand – this one gets real big

This is what the she looked like after her big collision 89 years ago on October 7, 1922. Pwned!

“Lyman Stewart, a steam tanker, wrecked on a rocky beach with people looking on”

Via Puget Sound Maritime Historical Society – click to expand

Take a tour yourself, why not?

All the deets:

Length over all, 426 ft. 9 in.; length between perpendiculars, 410 ft.; beam moulded, 55 ft. 3j4 in.; depth moulded to upper deck, 31 ft. 8 in.; load draft, 27 ft.; load displacement, 13,960 tons; cargo capacity, 63,964 bbls.; fuel capacity, 2,211 bbls.; gross tonnage, about 5,900; revolutions per minute, 65; designed I. H. P., 2,600; designed speed 10J/2 knots.

The ship is a single screw steamer with the machinery located aft.

The hold is subdivided into 16 tanks for carrying oil in bulk, the starboard and port compartments being separated by an oil tight center line bulkhead up to the top of the expansion trunk.

The ‘tween decks, in the wings outside the expansion trunk, is arranged for carrying refined oil.”

Ever more deets after the jump.


Exxon Gettyburg Leaving Our Doomed Ghost Fleet – A Clean-Up in S.F. and then Death

Tuesday, June 1st, 2010

If the Gettysburg (nee Exxon Gettysburg, nee Esso Gettysburg) were a little more historical then maybe she’d be getting better treatment, maybe she’d be getting turned into a floating museum ‘n stuff. But as it stands, she’s marked for death and destined for Hell.  

Seems the U.S. Department of Defense and the Maritime Administration (MARAD) just had her plucked from the Suisun Bay National Defense Reserve Fleet (aka the Ghost Fleet) and sent to San Francisco for a makeover. It’s an ongoing thing – you can see this former supertanker sitting in drydock down at Pier 70 these days while she gets a thorough cleaning from BAE Systems.

See? Hello San Francisco, good-bye marine growth and loose exterior paint!

And then she’ll get towed under our famous bridges and down through the Panama Canal and then to Texas. It’ll be her last trip ever.  

Can you see the Dos Equis on the side of the ship? Those X’es stand for Exxon, right? Yes, as in Exxon Gettysburg

Oh well. She was a BFD back in the day, back in 1957 anyway.

The Waters Beneath the Golden Gate Bridge Can Get a Little Busy Sometimes

Tuesday, February 9th, 2010

Thusly. Click to expand:

Empty tanker Polar Alaska heads out back up to I’ll-give-you-just-one-guess as full container ships arrive from East Asia.

Just another day in the busy 415.

Hazelwood and Valdez Together in San Francisco, Where’s Exxon Ave?

Friday, May 8th, 2009

Let’s journey to the insular “secretive subdivision” of Westwood Highlands, on the slopes of Mount Davidson.

Whoever laid out and named the streets there must have had a sense of humor, because Hazelwood Avenue and Valdez Avenue are together forever, entwined through the ages.

Click to expand:

Hazelwood, of course, was the captain of the oil-tanker Valdez when it spilled its guts all over Prince William Sound and beyond two decades ago. It was like the Cosco Busan oil spill excepting that it involved about 200 times as much petroleum.

So that might be on your mind the next time you visit this small neighborhood of “minimal bungalows.”

Another thing that might strike you about Westwood Highlands was that it was one of the earliest planned residential communities in the United States, where property owners all would agree to be governed by a commons set of controls and restrictions. At the very least, that means “No Black People” is what that means.

Of course WestHigh wasn’t the only place in the world where this was the case, but it’s sort of funny when “born and raised in San Francisco” NIMBYs start talking about all the rules and customs they honor, they always leave this history out.

Here you go, this is typical. Just substitute “black people” for “in-law apartments” and “white people” for “single-family.”

“Editor — Mayor Willie Brown’s recent re-election pledge to attempt to legalize the city’s illegal in-law apartments is unjust. Almost a hundred years ago many of San Francisco’s neighborhoods were designed and zoned for single-family use.

Our neighborhood, Westwood Highlands Homeowners, was so designated in 1924. Its status as such is further ensured by the mandatory covenants, controls and restrictions to which all Westwood Highlands residents must agree. Moreover, Proposition M, the voter mandate that states that the diversity of San Francisco’s neighborhoods be preserved, would be violated under this amnesty plan. People who move to single-family areas like ours because they enjoy the safety, convenience, parking and uncongested atmosphere that our single-family tracts have to offer have every right to do so.

In recent years, several city politicians have floated this illegal unit amnesty plan. In every case the plans have been abandoned. Mayor Brown should also give up on this unfair, unwise and unjust idea.

President, Westwood Highlands Homeowners Association San Francisco”

You see? It’s the same argument. “My neighborhood was founded on the idea of ______, therefore it can never change.”

Little pink bungalo houses, for you and me and all the other pink people, and let’s keep it that way, for as long as we can…

Ka Boom! Tanker Truck Explodes on I-280 for Filming of NBC Pilot “Trauma”

Sunday, March 29th, 2009

Here’s a sneak peak of what you’ll soon be able to see over at – it’s a tanker truck explosion for the taping of the possible NBC series “Trauma.”

What a great photo! Click to expand:

from Plug1

Here’s another view and here’s the reverse angle from ExxonValdez.

And with all the choppers flying around above hospital curve, you think, wouldn’t it be nice to have two or three real medical chopper flights a day coming into and out of our Level One Trauma Center at San Francisco General Hospital? Yes, yes it would.

via ToastyKen

The Boeing Co. Gets Another Shot at Corporate Welfare with Air Tanker Contract

Monday, September 15th, 2008

Say what you will about Chicago-based (and formerly Seattle-based) Boeing Company‘s ability to field a competetive replacement for the U.S. Air Force’s (basically) obsolete KC-135 air tanker fleet, but it sure knows how to kill a contract it doesn’t like.  

There’s no question that continuing production of the 767 would be good for Boeing and its workers, but would that be good for America? That’s the question of the day. Of course Boeing could rework the popular 777 or (soon to be popular, despite what Dan Rather says) 787 into a tanker, but those planes are selling well these days. If the best reason to buy the KC-767 is just to employ Boeing workers then that smacks of corporate welfare, does it not?

Yet another aging Boeing 767 put out to the boneyard. Now it might make sense to buy one used and fly it around as a wide-bodied corporate jet, as the founders of Google do, but what’s the logic behind cobbling together a new 767 FrankenTanker or modifying a 767-400? Click to expand:

via the Photostream of Danny McL

Now back in 2004, Senator john McCain:

“…intimated that Boeing’s problems were its own making, referring to last month’s guilty plea by former Boeing executive Darleen Druyun, who admitted talking to Boeing about a job during the time she served as an Air Force negotiator on the tanker proposal.

I’m sure it was Airbus that motivated Ms. Druyun to negotiate with Boeing for a job. I’m sure they were behind that. I think it’s hilarious.”

Is the only way out of this mess a compromise deal where EADS gets half the contract and Boeing gets the other? Stay tuned.

Air Tanker Wars – Boeing Pulls a Rabbit out of the Hat

Saturday, June 21st, 2008

Well, despite the naysayers and against the odds, the General Accounting Office has just determined there were “significant errors” in the process used to pick the best replacement for the Air Force’s aging KC-135 air tanker fleet.

Or course, the boys and girls in blue still want the Airbus 330-based Northrop Grumman KC-30 / KC-45 instead of the Boeing 767-based KC-767. But Boeing has its supporters, like the Center for Security Policyvarious Senators, and others, so things will get delayed some more. 

Feel free to take a long drink of Kool-Aid from Family Security Matters, but don’t expect them mention stuff like this or this. Heavens no.


Let’s all agree any KC-X proposal will be a big improvement over the existing KC-135 Stratotanker, the newest of which is 43 years old.

If Boeing had a newer design that was closer to the size of the A330, then things might be different. One of their employees makes some points about this here. Why not just use the newer 777? It’s too big? Or maybe it’s too popular? It sure would be nice for Boeing if they could pull off rigging up a 767 Frankenplane to sell to the U.S. military and then keep the 777 for the civilian market, wouldn’t it?

Boeing folks seem to think they know more about what the Air Force wants than the actual Air Force itself. Oh well.

The longer this replacement program gets put off the worse things get, if anyone over at Boeing cares.

Based on laughable press releases like this, they might not care.  

Boeing says he’s confident of winning back Becky

Tuesday, March 18th, 2008 

Boeing Co. voiced great confidence on Tuesday about winning back longtime girlfriend Becky from European archrival Lars. Boeing told friends he was “as confident as I can be” that “everybody” would find fault with Becky’s choice of the handsome German-French exchange student as her new steady.

On March 10, Chicago-based Boeing said in emotional letter to Becky’s mom that the romantic competition had been skewed against him. In an edited summary of his 3000-word email provided to reporters on Tuesday, Boeing said Lars was a much riskier choice than the tried-and-true Boeing.

In picking Lars, Becky misused her own selection criteria, disregarded Boeing’s dancing skills and breached the rules of romance, Boeing told as many Becky’s classmates as he could find during lunch period.

The result was a relationship “that is fundamentally unfair not only to Boeing, but Becky herself,” the protest summary said.

Despite his stated confidence in reversing the outcome, Boeing, in an email chat with classmates, said he faced an “uphill battle” to persuade Becky’s close friends, who have until P.E to make a recommendation to Becky.

“I think the best I can hope for is another shot” at the competition, he said, referring to a possible re-run of all or part of the love triangle to correct alleged flaws in Becky’s selection process.