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What Will Become of Julius’ Castle Restaurant Up on Telegraph Hill? Now It’s Just an Empty Shell

Friday, May 4th, 2012

Since 1922:

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What’s next for the old JC?

It’s not much of a castle any more:


The Sister Villages of Sausalito and San Francisco: A View That Hasn’t Changed Much in 80 Years

Wednesday, April 27th, 2011

This atypical view of San Francisico with Sausalito in the background makes the 415 look a little like a village – evidence of Manhattanization is all to the left, so all you see is basically the same as what you would have seen in the 1930′s.

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No More Weekend Parking: Sign Atop Telegraph Hill Tells “Visitors” to Go to Hell, More or Less

Monday, August 16th, 2010

[UPDATE: Popular Curbed SF weighs in here. I don’t know, the way the sign is now, everybody who doesn’t have an “A” neighborhood parking decal is defined as a “visitor.” That means “tourist” of course. Now, didn’t people living on the twisty part of Lombard want to put up a gate? That’s kind of the same thing (although there’s no MUNI bus that goes down that part of Lombard.) Anyway, I’ve never seen a zero time limit in a neighborhood parking area – that’s a first. Just getting rid of the spaces up there would seem to solve the problem of  waiting-for-parking congestion. Explore the issue of privatising street parking in of San Francisco here.]   

It’s not immediately obvious that it’s against the rules for tourists to drop people off at the top of Telegraph Hill, but it’s not suggested as an idea – check out this recently-installed sign.

Perhaps it’s time to scratch Coit Tower off the list of official points of interest for the 49 Mile Drive?

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I don’t know, if the purpose of San Francisco’s absurd neighborhood parking program is to “reduce unnecessary personal motor vehicle travel” why don’t we just pull out those 29 parking spaces up there and then the richers of Telegraph Hill could walk or ride bus #39 along with the rest of us “visitors,”,you know, with the little people.  

“The preferential residential parking permit (RPP) was established in 1976 to preserve neighborhood living within a major urban center. It is designed to promote the safety, health and welfare of all San Francisco residents by reducing unnecessary personal motor vehicle travel, noise and pollution, and by promoting improvements in air quality, convenience and attractiveness of urban residential living, and increased use of public mass transit.”

The Cute Raccoons of the Legion of Honor Go Viral – a Worldwide Sensation

Monday, November 16th, 2009

San Francisco’s hungry raccoons are delighting the online world the world over, entertaining millions with their poses of masked banditry. And why not – aren’t they cute?

Here’s another view from the camera of shutterbug Stephen Thompson. It was 2:00 AM at the Legion of Honor museum:


And here’s the full story. Dude jogs around town in the midnight hour carrying his point-and-shoot camera in a sock. Bravo. 

But these photos were taken in 2006. They hung around as 1’s and 0’s until Stephen posted them to Flickr a few months back. Then, they were noticed by the Fantastic Mr. FoxAndrew Fox, Webmaster at the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco (FAMSF). He made a post to the FAMSF Facebook and then the rest is history.

Are these gorgeous but fiesty raccoons now the cutest animals in San Francisco?


But remember, we’ll always have Parrots.

The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill that is:

GO8F7630b copy

Click to expand, it gets big. From 2005, above Telegraph Hill. Remember this day? The parrots wore green, you wore blue.

Thanks for posting your photos, Stephen Thompson.

70 Years After the Pageant of the Pacific, Treasure Island Parties Like It’s 1939

Monday, October 19th, 2009

It’s hard to tell why this Ferris wheel was on Treasure Island recently – it was either for the Treasure Island Music Festival or Oracle OpenWorld 2009.

Or maybe it was for both.

T.I. in the foreground and distant Berkeley in the background:

IMG_8962 copy

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San Francisco Welcomes Cruise Ship Celebrity Infinity, From Down Mexico Way

Sunday, May 10th, 2009

Well here she is, straight outta Fort Lauderdale, Florida via the Panama Canal, “steeped with prestige and elegance,” it’s 965 foot long Celebrity Infinity. Now you’d think that it’d have been nice for her to have stopped at Huatulco, Puerto Vallarta, and Cabo San Lucas, Mexico as originally planned, but worries over the Swine Flu (2500 Americans alone, and counting) put the kibosh on that. Oh well.

Welcome passengers! Please empty your pockets and leave, as so many have done before you. (I keed. I keed because I love.) But seriously, stay as long as you’d like – go AWOL if you want. Just stay away from those darn exploding canisters. And stay away from the Internet that costs 50 cents per minute. Ouch.

A big boat that’s almost too much for our little city to handle:

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It’s Here! Neighborhood Free Days at the California Academy of Sciences!

Saturday, May 2nd, 2009

You know what makes you better than all those melon farmers out there? It’s the fact that you hang your hat every night in the City and County of San Francisco. That makes you special. To celebrate you, the California Academy of Sciences is offering free admission for you (and your neighbors). Just match up your zip code with the handy chart below, gather up the necessary proof of where you reside, and head on over to Golden Gate Park.

And the nice thing about this free admission program is that it probably won’t be as crowded as it sometimes gets on the third Wednesday of the month, when everyone gets in sans tariff.

Celebrated Missionites getting a little camera time in front of the green screen before entering the Cal Academy yesterday. Bide your time, your free day is coming:

Read the fine print. Click to expand:

Thanks, Bank of America.

San Francisco’s Coit Tower is Just Like the Statue of Liberty

Sunday, December 28th, 2008

San Francisco’s Coit Tower is just like the Statue of Liberty, in the sense that you can get up top and look through the windows. You see? They have the same shape

This is the view that you’ll get from the top.

The people up there look like little ants scrambling around, huh? Click to expand:

Get up there soon as famous Action Consumer Troubleshooter (and Harvard-grad) Bill O’Reilly wants it to be blown up, apparently.

Wouldn’t that be FOXtastic?

The Villages of San Francisco and Sausalito in California

Thursday, May 1st, 2008

Some people think of Sausalito as a Portuguese fishing village and that’s kind of credible.

This atypical view of San Francisico with Sausalito in the background makes S.F. look a little like a village as well – evidence of Manhattanization is to the left, so all you see is basically the same as what you would have seen in the 1930’s.

Some people would like to construct tall buildings on the waterfront, but there’ll be a lot of fighting before that happens. 


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