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“IF YOU”RE NOT THE MODEL, BE THE PHOTOGRAPHER” IRL – From The Tens – “Shots from the 47”

Monday, April 22nd, 2013

My most incoherent headline yet.

This was the question back in 2011.

And this was the answer.

Comes now The Tens with his take on photographer-model duality:

Via The Tens – click to expand

Halloween Edition of the Marina Times: Bros, High-Fives, Charlie Sheen Costume, Passed-Out Sorority Girl, Fuss

Monday, October 31st, 2011

The NIMBYish Marina Times newspaper, via The Tens:

Click to expand

But IRL, Halloween in the Marina District actually looks like more like this.

Meet the INTERNATIONAL ART MUSUEM OF AMERICA – It’s Opening Soon in the Famous Twitter Corporate Welfare Zone

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011

Well, looky here – that TCWZ is paying dividends already, or something. Here’s the newest “Chinese art museum” to hit the Mid -Market, at 1023 betwixt 6th and 7th. See?

Though there is Great Disorder Under Heaven, the Situation is Excellent for opening an art museum in the Tenderloin-ish Mid-Market area:

Nosy area provocateur The Tens is all over this sitch as was Curbed SF and SFist before him.

But what’s this? You need to contact a security guard before attempting to leave the building?

Wasn’t that how the Movementarians kept people in line? I think so.


I fear that God is Not in Heaven

In the dark of the night

The dark of the night

The I Ching

Wang Chung


Can You Survive This Clockwork Orange Video Challenge from The Tens? I Lasted Just Two Minutes

Thursday, December 23rd, 2010

Now, if you want to do the challenge right, you got to go full screen and you got to pay attention.

Also, put the beep beep noises on mute and have the music* from this effort from fellow thin, urban, head-geared white-boy on in the background.

All right? Commençons:

Couldn’t make it to the end myself. But, obliviously, it’s a superb collection.

*”Rolling to the diner with my half-off Groupon” would be so much better than “half-off coupon.” Also, I can hear Eminem bleeding in at times – all white rappers sound alike to me…

The Tenderloin Visits the Richmond District and the Result is Journalism – Night Shots from the Tens

Thursday, November 11th, 2010

The Tens recently made a visit to the Richmond District and the resulting tripod shots can now be seen by all.

The Tumblr posts of his peregrinations are worthy of note, despite the absence of any MUNI raccoon shots.

Our Cliff House area. Better left:

Click to expand

or right?

If only more students of Yelp-rated U.C. Tenderloin College of Law (Closer to the Courts, Closer to the Crime) were as productive…

Excellence in San Francisco Local Blogging: The Richmond District Blog, Haighteration, Tenderblog, and The Tens

Wednesday, October 20th, 2010

Just wanted to note the excellence of these relatively new San Francisco-area local blogs. AFAIK, they weren’t around a couple of years ago, yet they’ve all matured into awesome sites* already.

From West to East:

The Richmond District Blog

Haighteration (Lower Haight)

Tenderblog (The Tenderloin)

The Tens  (The Tenderloin)

From Tenderblog, with news from this AM:

Most of the people behind these websites have full-time jobs and/or school schedules, right? (And, AFAIK, they’re far more click-ish, than clique-ish so that’s A Good Thing.)

So, what’s stopping YOU from doing the same in YOUR AREA?

Why is there no “Sunset District Blog” that’s of the caliber of the Richmond District Blog? Where’s a BayView / Hunters Point Blog? Where’s my Marina / Cow Hollow Blog with frequent postings?* (Of course the Mission has Mission Mission, the doyenne of area local blogs, but there’s still lots of unscrutinized territory out there.)

It’s not too late to get going – less than $1 a month for your URL and $3.88 a month for unlimited bandwidth and unlimited storage on a server that’s RAIDed-up six ways to Sunday. Or get started at for just nothing per month. Or even the Tumblr (“the easiest way to blog’) – it’s free as well, right?

You have been informed – it’s still totally wide open.

Carpe Diem

Get going.

*I’m sure I’m missing some good efforts from people. Tell me, send me a URL and I’ll take a look at your joint.